Co-op: Darude Sandstorm

Please give feedback, criticisms of the event etc.

Thanks Price for the mission!
I unfortunately didn’t get to play much of it because of technical problem on my side but I thought the idea of fighting in a sandstorm was original. It added a particular atmosphere that was very well rendered in my opinion.

As a GM, I’d like to increase the AI skill level by 10% and decrease the number of AI to more realistic number. Last night you fought a horde of enemies, frankly the ratio of players vs AI was about 1:10 or even more. The only time you really got threatened was when both GMs controlled the units. I’d be more comfortable with AI playing against you then me having to use the unfair advantage of Zeus just to make you sweat. Think about it, at least.

Hey everyone I’m sorry I dissapeared at the end of the mission, [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] did a good job as co zeus keeping you on your toes. I had to exit because my dog decided to do a dihorreah dump all around me on the carpet.

Problems with my mission were:

  • Tan HKs with bipod attachments (AFGs) inexplicably turning black.
  • Radios missing from Knight for some reason and radio functionality errors.
  • Battlefield concealing fog was blown away by high winds.
  • Thermals would have negated this disadvantage anyway (my intention originally, however seeing as how trigger happy you were…
  • Should have added Weapons Tight to the briefing.
  • For some reason the terrorists were underpants terrorists. Something was removed before tuseday.
  • My dog shit on the floor.
  • Too many enemies?
  • Arma 3 bullshitttery like ai walking through walls and being dumb shits.

Gonna make some harsh observations of player and leadership decisions now so brace yourself.

  • You ignored objective 1 entirely until well into the game, neglecting to even visit the crash site, and when you did you forgot to count the bodies. It was very difficult ot miss the crash site, a brief look down the main road would have made its location known.
  • You took a weird route through the city instead of the main road and got bogged down.
  • You engaged the enemy immediately after acquiring a visual, knowing full well they had hostages. This triggered wave after wave of reinforcements from the military base, the villa and throughout the town After you engaged I gave you a large window to clear the mosque, before they began executing hostages. Window wasn’t enough.
  • Knight remained stationary for a long time, long enough for tank hunters to manouver into position to engage. Despite repeated engagements they remained in the area without any infantry support, and only relocated slightly. They also fired on a fleeing US prisoner who had escaped from the villa but managed to dive behind a rock as it was being fired upon. He survived and was recovered by CNTO during the villa assault.
  • You got tunnel vision quite a lot making it easy to flank you. You also often reacted sloppily to incomming fire, instead of diving behind cover or dropping, some of you would stand around like a numpty and try to see where it was comming from or shuffle about awkwardly whilst under full auto fire instead of running into a building or behind a wall.
  • You didn’t take a single fennek with you initially despite their thermals, though I suppose this is because you could see everything clearly and the fog blew away.
  • You tried to storm the fortified front gate of the mosque instead of probing it for weakness.

    Now for the good!
  • You wrecked the shop Knight, you killed so many hunter teams and armoured targets. (don’t feel too good, the AI couldn’t hit an aerodrome)
  • Movement through town was quite good and deliberate
  • Fireteams were well lead
  • You looked badass


Regarding the underpants terrorists, same thing happened to me in my Pipeline mission, but I presume it’s because mission was created a couple of months ago, before the major updates and i guess that messed with it even though everything appeared in order in mission editor.

The underpants thing is likely because of moving units to HC. It’s a known bug that BI has to fix someday.

I’ve heard that so much it’s lost all meaning.

We got wiped almost twice during the mission so I don’t think increasing AI skill will do us any good. Having less AI will be better. None likes getting killed.

Also a point for you GM’s of this night.
Keep an eye on the time. We ran 30 to 45 minutes late which I think is unacceptable on a Tuesday. A lot of guys dced because it was late. It clearly states in our rules that Tuesday missions can only be 2 hours and then RTB to have it done by 22:30.

Sorry shiny, I was planning to end it immediately after the villa and make the enemies retreat, but then my dog shit all over the floor and I had to abort early, and people kept playing into the night whilst I steamcleaned the carpet.