Co-op - Black Leaf

Please post feedback and stories for the mission here.

So the first mission of a day… I must say it sounded interesting. In outcome i was in Alpha 1 wich was recon squad and what we did was pretty much provide the information and sometimes help with eliminating chosen targets. I must say that from bravo perspective it was way more fun to play. And I’m not blaming anyone here but seriosuly all we did that mission was spotting enemies… I’m sure it was helpful but…yeah… camper party pretty much. I’ve shot 4 enemies this mission. I get that we did our job well but I felt lack of amusment. I’m not saying that i need supressive fire on me 24/7 but most of the time our task was to watch. I’d like to see something happening more often. For example when we were watching some squad fight(can’t remember which one) there could have been a strong reinforcment from OPFOR and they could have asked us for coming down there and help or… sniping them. All in all i feel that we’ve fulfilled our task but I’d prefer that all squads would be asked to complete more tasks on next mission like that.

The mission was good in setup and how it forced our route somehow, but I think there would have been more opportunities to ambush us on the way, unless Alpha had already cleaned up the way, which might be another explanation. I wrote this review after the one over the second mission of the evening, and all in all I had the feeling that the level of difficulty could be slightly higher. I can’t tell for now exactly what needs to adapt, as it can also be that we do our jobs too good. The dilemma faced here is usually, that either almost everybody makes it easily through the mission or there are a lot of friendly casualties and too much waiting for re-insert, i’d guess the former is the nicer compromise, giving everybody less shooting, but more overall gameplay. Another point I noticed is that on several occasions during the missions, the AI was stuck, not spotting us or not being able to move on us. That then felt like shooting static targets, which isn’t adding to the challenge at all. Are there issues with some factions at the moments? It felt like it was a game mecanics issue more than an MM thing.

The general idea was for be a recon unit that got a task that had to succeed whilst main infantry tied down most of enemy forces. What was by lore supposed to be a recon mission turned basically into normal infantry job. Although it would’ve been possible to do it near full stealth this way was also fine and I adapted to it. So having massive amounts of ambushes or flanking sentries doesn’t really fit into the lore or reality. Enemy isn’t allpowerful. But thats another problem: Balancing realism, lore and fun gameplay.

On the low casualties I would say its in general about good tactics. Also important thing is that only pre-set sentries had NVGs. Others relied on flares. Recon was sent ahead (It didn’t spot the sentry team that was there to guard the road but atleast were able to suppress it from the hill). Targets were identified beforehand and IR marked. Town was suppressed from the castle whilst the other group was moving to the town. One problem after that was that only the town was observed. I was able to drive a truck practicly next to the town clearing team and fire at them. Town could have been completly avoided by using the coastline but that would’ve been a risky gamble. OP was left in the castle. Would’ve otherwise cut off your exfil route with new patrols. Nothing as stupid as rushing the enemy FOB, city or frontlines was done.

After that I had most of the attention focused on harassing Bravo but it wasn’t exactly that I left Alpha alone. Alpha got lucky atleast 2 times. First they caught the sneaky patrol and suppressed the hell out of those trees. When it had no effect since the enemies were behind the last 2 trees proned you backed out with smoke. That avoided alot of possible casualties. After that I moved a squad out from FOB to flank you. Yet you managed to blow the radio tower and backed off before the squad managed to get to the flanking position. I admit I should’ve tried to send couple of more sentries to the castle beforehand though and harass you more when ordering artillery. Will work on multitasking bit.

Bravo moved trough the fields avoiding towns and sentries. Got a casualty from sentries on the hills. After that they had only a fireteam in radio station and a sentry team patrolling Grads. Spotting the Grads seemed to be very difficult. I suppose camo net did its job. Blowing up Shilka and it burning with open flame was what triggered massive infantry attack from the city. AI had some issues navigating the hills so had to manually control alot of it (Thats where my attention went). Bravo had a very secure position to repel the attack but would’ve liked to see a fireteam be sent to deal with Grads. Minimized subsequent attacks to fireteams and buddy teams so the main objective would be completed. One fireteam got killed after flare was dropped on their head and they kept walking on without reacting. Just got shot in the back by a fireteam moving on radio station.

Organizational issues: The flare script was overactive and spawned way too many flares.
Wanted to actually do an exfil aswell but didn’t since the time was pushing near the limit.

All-in-all: Thanks for the playing it and I hope to improve on it.

Maybe I am just lucky being in the right squad at the right time but this mission was a series of fun engagements with a bit of sneaky moving around by vehicle and on foot. Thanks to support from alpha we managed to deal with the first town quickly and move on cross-country avoiding enemies and getting into the AO. The radio tower complex was taken fairly quickly as well and we were in good positions to defeat a series of counter attacks. We saw the camo nets covering the grads in the distance but mistook it for a FOB initially, lucky for us they didn’t start using those rockets on the radio tower complex or we would have been in big trouble! Even though we had long distances to cover it didn’t seem like a drag and the mission seemed very well paced from my perspective in bravo.