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Videos from our Events will be added to the playlist on our community’s Youtube channel.

Hey guys, I edited and uploaded our first official video to our youtube page. After uploading I realised I didn’t quite like the video because there is to many skipping and to many friendly errors being made. All in all it makes for a good view and I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Tell me what you think and post it here !
Its not going to get released to the public so you can spread it to your friends but dont post it on a global facebook or anything.

Content wise is was nice.

Editing wise I’d combine the 2+2 intro text overlay into a single 4 liner. That way you could read it at your own pace, not needing to wait until the second set appears. Also, before the second 2 line set appeared, I though that the intro was quite poor. Combined they made much more sense, so this might not make the best first impression.

I didn’t like the black screens in the middle of the video, while the explanation texts themselves where good. Instead, I’d use overlays after each cut, making sure that the next cut has some lull time in the beginning so that viewer can read the explanation text. While there needs to be some stopper between the cuts, long black screen felt too ‘brutal’, hurting the flow of the video. Maybe someone could design fast and elegant Carpe Noctem cut-scene effect…

I know that editing can be a pain. Keep up the good work!

This is awesome. I love the end credits scene and chatter.

Yeah the black screens are shit. I am working on a template which makes a easy timelapse of the selected video part.
For the next video that will be done and the black screens will be gone :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feed back guys ! What do you think about the intro Thomas ? Its our regular intro and we use chatter over it like in the end credits.

This looked really awesome, you put together some intense scenes, specially the last one where you fudged up the BMP kill and died while trying to noobtube it :smiley: fun stuff, id say this makes for a good first impression, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I try to leave as much "boring" stuff out like walking through a forrest with no enemies for 15 min which happens sometimes during missions. So the videos are always very intense. I promise the next video will be up to standards and even better :slight_smile:

Nice one. The video was awesome loved it. Personally i had no problem with black screen but the ending we are keeping that for sure.
Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Visually it is quite pleasing, while a tad slow paced for such an action game.
Comparing to the 5 second ‘skip ad’ limit in Youtube, 10 second intro with just the group name and logo feels a little bit long. Either the pace could be increased and the length decreased, or additional stuff could be displayed, for example the name of the video or a short punch line for the video below the owl logo.

i really liked this video … had a lot of fun watching it! good work Shiny …
and THX!

Fuck you guys :stuck_out_tongue: Im going home


Bull got a new video done and you can check it out here.
This was from a testing mission a while back where Chris and Bull were send in to clear the southern part of town and move up north. Me and the other A1 guys had to go in north and move south. Just before we meet up the video cuts off.

Oh man, I’m such a scrub. This one is around 1 month old.

I think I’m getting better :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Guys,

I have made a video from my footage from Friday nights Op. Due to our inability to take the town the video is anything brilliant and not action packed. Hell I don’t fire a shot until late on and I was playing as AR! I guess that fact alone sums up that it wasn’t the best night for me or us as a unit, but it was interesting to watch some footage of a failed attack.

The video is an excuse for me to try a different kind of intro. Instead of using text description I have tried narrating it instead. This was useful because the video starts in the latter stages of the Op so it made it easier to get all the details of what had gone before across.


Here is video of the second and final part of the operation. Barely a shot gets fired in this video, but it brings some closure to the previous video:


As always feedback is greatly appreciated.


The horror of fighting in the woods. It was a shame that handsome FTL kept getting shot.

Just showed it to my brother, he found it hilarious. Also I like the voice intro, it set the scene nicely.

Big booty bitches eh

I like how you’ve made the intro, sounds awesome. Maybe just not mention how you got TKed, even if by accident. Also, the cuts at 4:48, 4:58 and couple of them after ruin the general flow. They’re a second or two cuts, never the less looks weird. Just out of curiosity, why did you make them?

Ending is missing. At least some kind of explanation what happened, it would add to the overall story. e.g. we got rescued by helicopter (it doesn’t have to be 100% true, just to wrap up the story).

Btw I really love how at the end of each of our videos there are funny moments.

I like how Teddy’s fireteam worked together. I always enjoy watching how fluid our fireteams work together.

Keep making great videos Ozzie! :thumb:

8:15… wow… did I say that? I apologise.

What’s up with the fisheye/fov/distortion going on? Makes me nauseous. :x

8:15 best part of the video. ;D

I miss you guys, when will this end?! :furious:

Thanks for the feedback guys!

They look like very short cuts, but actually they each cut out between 30secs to a minute each time. I was conscious after my last video ended up at 54mins to try and keep this one to about 25mins. If I didn’t cut the large uninteresting movement parts down etc the video would be about 5-6mins longer. Point taken though, I will try and keep the cuts to a minimum and try and make them look a bit better in the future. Again I am still experimenting and learning as I go as I’m still new to this.

I was planning on making another video of the final assault (in which I die) and the extraction that follows. What do you guys think of this? Will it break the immersion if I die but am then involved in the the ending? I will add a summary to the description in the meantime.

It’s all done for comical effect, I did think twice about adding the sentence about getting shot in the back of the head, but wanted to add some kind of humour to the opening narration. Even if it may not show us in the best light. If you think this kind of thing is bad I will not do it in the future.

I’m not sure what you mean, I had blur turned off completely in game, do you think it has something to do with the rain? I encoded this video the same way I did my previous ones.

And so you should! Not that I have a clue what you said but I am sure it was awful! lol

Are you using oculus rift or something? That floatiness is really wierd but also immersion-full if that’s a word…