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Hey Guys,

If your are recording our missions then please PM me or reply to this post with your finished versions on YouTube so I can add them to our official playlist.


  • No Raw footage.
  • Please edit and make video lengths 30mins to 60mins long rough guide. You can have multiple parts.

  • Try and use the official intro and outro please but not a requirement.

I know lots of you record so if you don’t know how to or have time to edit them then please upload you footage to Google drive, One Drive or similar and give me the link and I will see what I can do with it.

Cheers Guys,

I could upload my intro I was supposed to months ago, but where do I put it?

If you have access to our Google drive then you can upload it into CNTO/Community/Artwork/Internal Artwork.

If not upload it anywhere you can send me a link to and I will put it in there.

Yeah, Put it on: Internal artwork > Youtube

So if I understand it correctly a video only is only added to the playlist if it’s 30+ minutes?

No just a rough guide on how long they can be. Smaller Clip depend on what they are if it is just us messing around then they can be added to our members video playlist.

So guys check out YouTube for latest updates if you want your video to be added to the official playlist then send me a link, or if you want to feature on our channel then also link your channel.

You should add a link to the channel in the "Follow us" module of the website. I’m all about easy access :stuck_out_tongue:

So if I’m making videos about 15 mins long but about 10 parts of them(whole mission) is it okay?

AND everytime I record and do the stuff I post a link on thread on that mission so do I have to bother to send you a PM?

[quote user_id=“16434735” avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]So if I’m making videos about 15 mins long but about 10 parts of them(whole mission) is it okay?

AND everytime I record and do the stuff I post a link on thread on that mission so do I have to bother to send you a PM?[/quote]

Hey Tropical so the viewer doesn’t have to watch a seperate playlist just to watch one mission it is better to split one video into a recommended maximum of 3 parts of about 30mins each.

We really need people who record our events to edit them so viewers don’t have to watch our whole 3 hour missions which is why it should be easily doable to keep videos down to 3 parts max.

We should be looking to cut all scenes of either just waiting a base and general nothingness we want our videos to be easy watching and action packed much like a trailer for our mission.

It would also be really beneficial if people uploaded these videos to there own youtube channels so we can link them on our channel but if we have to we will take links and upload ourselves although with my upload connection this can take days.


Well… I don’t have enough time to look through best moments so I could my videos, along with audacity recording, to google drive so someone can make action packed video. Sorry but I just can’t bother to make videos like that all the time. As I said I will send those operations that are more interesting to google drive so you can make an action packed video one day and I will keep to my way of doing vids. It’s just less hustle for me.

P.S. ~12 minutes of raw undone material is 3.8GB. I could also put the audacity together, render it and then send it on google drive. Your choice. We’ll see what’s better.

Quick edit: answer below is the same in other words. I just thought something didn’t work and said that twice.

I don’t have time to make action packed videos like that. I could send you raw undone videos on google drive(~12 mins is 3.8GB) along with audacity recording or put it together and render(about 2+GB then). This way I will stick to making videos my way, then you make them action packed and link me to it. Sorry but it’s just too much work for me. I could try to do a few some day but overall it’s too much.

Hey Guys just an update,

The channel has lots of new content thanks to all the members making great videos and sharing them in war stories please check out our channel when ever you get a chance you might see something you have missed and share them outside of the community.

Cheers guys.

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