CNTO, The Suave Way

Good Evening, ladies and germs. I have designed two sets of ties inspired by CNTO. I have ordered a test batch of 5 and will be judging the quality of the manufacture. Hopefully, in the future, I can start taking orders from the community.

They cost around about 8 GBP to make, so I’m not holding my breath for quality.

I suspect a few folks from other countries may want to get in on the suave action. so shipping may have to be covered by yourselves :slight_smile:


I would like one please if they are not utter shite


I’ve never worn a tie in my life


I’m also not a tie person, but i might be interested as a collectible depending on quality.

The yellow one is disgusting, but the green could be alright.

Could the tie be fully black with a yellow owl and two stripes, one gold, one green?