CNTO Pet Owls

Hey guys

Sorry to disappoint, but we didn’t buy an official owl mascot and stored it in [user avatar=“” name=“Abuk”]1171274[/user] 's basement.

I just thought it would be neat to have a thread where we can share pics and stories of our furry, feathered or scaly roommates.

Here are my two little monsters, Einstein and Newton - they are Somali cat breeds and by now 7 years old. The pics show them as little cubs when I first got them in 2010.

this is my doge Rocky… who sings along to The Who for some reason.
And these are my two other doggos the romanian rescue dogs Lilly and Oscar

Here’s my five doggos. Three of them rescues and all three poodles are immediate family.

[user avatar=“” name=“Skippy”]14911388[/user] what breed is the second one? Looks like a beast!

He’s an ex-racing Greyhound. He’s so lazy most days but damn can he run when he’s out there. We raw feed all of our dogs so they’re really healthy and well built.

This is Hercules (old photo). He sadly passed away about 2 months ago because he was attacked by a pitbull type dog (who injured another dog before) and the woman thought it was a great idea to ‘‘release his rope for the last few meters’’. He sadly died of his wounds :frowning:

But that’s why my dad bought another dog and he is still very young. I believe he is 12 weeks old now, his name is Bink.

He is still very playfull and likes to try and bite ropes (like on shoes) and loves to be with people.

My love(bird) for 13 years <3

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