CNTO goes on a legal trip to Amsterdam

The bunch of us; [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Stoneowl”]19855016[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Hateboarder”]8030574[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Henrik”]8061610[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Koffer”]5721247[/user] and the man himself [user avatar=“” name=“Shadisica”]19944121[/user] are heading to Amsterdam on the 22nd - 26th of July.

If anyone would like to join us post below!

This is in 2021, so this year

Oh dope, yeah I’ll be there assuming that Stuff Goes Well, at least one of the days. Are there any plans or kinda figure it out as you go?

Are you guys going the full 4 days, or is it somewhere in that range? Like are you grabbing an hotel or what?

AFAIK myself, Baegel, Hateboarder, Shadisica and Koffer are going to stay the 4 days.Stoneowl and Churizo are going to join for 2 days

I and [user avatar=“” name=“Shails”]13750996[/user] might also be able to come down for a day to hang out, depending on how things work out.

I’m down. It’s not Lemnos but it is closer

Fuck :frowning:

Not sure if I can get vaccinated in time so most likely I won’t make it.

Uh I’ll see if I can set some holiday up for it! Would love to come!

I also hope that until then the regulations are getting better. Currently it’s such a hassle to travel anywhere :frowning:

I have two weddings in that period and one of them is mine so…come on 27.6 to Croatia for a few drinks :smiley:

Oh I missed that this was for July, I should be able to make at least 2 but maybe 3 or 4 days too! woo. Unless I end up hating you all, in which case I’ll steal your liver and leave.

Oh fuck i also missed that is for July, will try to figure it out then, maybe I’ ll come for a few days…

So some COVID travel information as I understand it, since our government website is a piece of shit. This is as of June 12th, as obviously the situation is very fluid.

Everyone from the EU and/or Schengen should be fine to enter the Netherlands, though you will probably need a negative PCR test maximum 72 hours old and/or possibly a negative quick-test no more than 24 hours old when entering.

For the UK, as of yesterday you have been upgraded to a "very high-risk area" in response to the delta (Indian) variant and the rising covid infections in your country. This means a quarantine is now mandatory. For more information see your own website, since it’s better than ours

Edit: Website for general information

UK bois look like we’re out of luck

Could you get away with family visit excuse?

Well, I was able to rent a shack in the same hotel, so that should make this all easier for me. I am there from friday evening til Sunday. Only caviat being that I don’t know what my expenses are for the upcoming month with my trainings and all that, so if it gets too much ill have to cancel anyway, but it should be fine. Really looking forward to meeting y’all.

Looks like [user avatar=“” name=“Sagu”]20142018[/user] will be joining this trip too! Currently the Airbnb is booked out, but Aether has one in the same building if anyone else wants to come.

Payment etc. I’ll do in about 2 weeks time, just to make sure we dont need to cancel with any new covid stuff first.
[user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Stoneowl”]19855016[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Koffer”]5721247[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Hateboarder”]8030574[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Henrik”]8061610[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Shadisica”]19944121[/user]

There were more rooms available, too. I got a one person room, unless you want to hot bunk lol, because it was nice and cheap. If more people come i could still cancel.this one and get another multiple people space i think.

So to give an overview of the current covid rules in the Netherlands, and the rules for travel:

Base rules:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Keep 1.5m distance
  • Get tested and stay in quarantine if you feel ill, or if you have been in close contact with people that have tested positive

These rules are no longer strictly enforced, but technically you can still get a 95 euro fine if you are in breach of them.

Additional rules:
Everything is open, as long as people can keep 1.5m distancing. This includes cinemas, bars, pools etc.
Because this rule is deemed impossible to follow/enforce at dance events: night clubs, discos and festivals are closed/banned until at least August 13.
Additionally, bars, cafes and restaurants need to close from 12am til 6am.

Face masks:
Face masks are not mandatory, with the exception of public transport.
However, some locations do mandate masks on their own accord (such as many hospitals etc).

Travel rules:
If you come from a country/area which is designated as safe, you do not need need to test for covid before entering the Netherlands. I don’t know if maybe flight/train companies do force this requirement etc.
The list of safe countries can be found here

If you come from an EU/Schengen country/area which is not designated as safe, you need a negative covid test.

If you come from a non-EU/Schengen country which is not designated as safe and are not an EU national, you are probably not allowed to enter (there are exemptions, but a CNTO-meetup is not amongst them). This includes people from the UK.

EDIT: Completely forgot to say until [user avatar=“” name=“Aether”]319225[/user] posted, but I did not check what the reuls would be for returning to your countries. You have to check this yourself. I do know the Dutch government provides free PCR tests for travelling, see here: