CNTO DnD campaign!


I have been talking to some members and there seems to be interest in running a DnD campaign with CNTO members.
This thread is to measure how much interest there is.
I would be fine with DMing but am also fine with others doing it.
The max would be 5 players though.
Anyway let me know if your interested and let’s schedule a first session!

raises hand me me me

Since we already had a chat about it, I am also in!

Call me in! Missing DnD a lot and my free time is getting better now!

sure I be up for some DnD.

I’d like to be in!

I’m definitely interested. I’m totally in if it’s sometime I’m available.

yep I’m interested

Yes me too

I’d be down

Ok this got quite some traction lol. Let me figure out some dates and then set up a roll20 campaign. I probably have to disappoint some of you with either the date or the cap of players. I really only want 5 players max. Online with more then that is very hard as you can’t all speak at once.

I am thinking of running Wednesdays. Once every 2 weeks. Is that fine with y’all ?

Sounds good to me (as long as I am one of the 5 people^^)

Sure can do if there’s enough room

Wednesdays works fine

Wednesday is perfect for me!

wednesday is good for me
Here is the roll20. Please join already if you can make the Wednesdays.
Read through it and send me any questions or ask them here if you have any.
Do not post your character sheets before approval by me please :slight_smile:

I am thinking about doing in character intake/applications. So a 1 on 1 with me and your character on why you would be a good fit for the team that is joining this quest. I will post the quest in a bit or tomorrow.
Since we have to many applications I would rather have a team that has the same interest/alignment rather then having to discuss the constant difference between good and evil.

More then half already started building their characters. Let me know when your done so we can do a 1 on 1. I was aiming to have a first session either on the 9th or on the 30th when I am back from my travels.

Wednesdays :cry:

Useless post because I’m the big dumb