CNTO Competition Campaign! Round #1

Hi guys! I will be running a series of fun and (hopefuly) educational competitions for you!
Scores from all events will be added up and top participants will get to pick games and DLC’s from the list below:
1st place: 2 games 2 dlc
2nd place 1 game 1 dlc
3rd place 1 game or 2 dlc
In case of ties - the distribution will not change, but order of picking will be randomized.

WH40k: Space Marine
Airline Tycoon 2
Anomaly 2
Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

DLC’s and Trials:
EVE Online: Rifter Ship Skin
EVE Online: Trial Key
2x Landmark 1-Week Closed Beta Key
PAYDAY 2 - Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks
Total War: Rome II - Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack

Round #1 - CNTO QuizUP!
Quiz consists of 10 questions, you have 35 sec to answer all of them. Correct answer grants time, wrong removes it.
Unfortunately you will have to register so your score is saved. Otherwise I won’t know who played the quiz and what was his score.

Rules of quiz:
No cheating
No retaking/replaying the quiz - play it only once!


Good luck and wish you fun!

Nice initiative. Too bad none of these games/DLC interest me.

Ill shreck you alll!!
Fite me irl m8

Please note Zero does not count towards to the rewards because he is simply the fastest and needs to show that in the scores but forgot about the rulez during that proces

Edit: I put in my IRL name Roy XD

Nice one!! oh shizzle! took the quiz some times!! did not see what was written down below! i guess i’m desqualified! xD

good initiative tho! would like to try the airline Tycoon xD

Yup, rules state clearly. If I could I would restrict the quiz to 1 time only, but thats a paid feature and I didn’t have time to look for alternative quiz sites. Happy you enjoyed the quiz thou :slight_smile:
Quiz ends on Sunday midnight and points will be given according to places taken.
This is just one of many events to come, and general classification counts towards prizes, so if you don’t score best place now or got yourself disqualified you will have more chances to redeem yourself.

i did 0 points on first quiz so u know! XD

I thought the timer on top of the page is per question, but apparently it’s total time you have left for the quiz.

I’m tempted to retake the quiz only to see all the questions.

Ryujin so bad… vote for discharge.

Im sorry the time was way to quick, I think i only did 3 questions as im dyslectic as fuck so i cant read faster. Especially in english, if it was in dutch i would have managed a bit more.

It’s OK, you can type down the scores after first attempt here and retake it as many times as you want. I just need to know what’s the first time score.

i won nothing :x just liked the quiz soo i played it a few times :smiley: sorry XP

Fucking loved it! My score is really bad though… :cry:

Ok, so the official scores are:
1st place: Teddy with score 25579 - giving 5 points in general classification
2nd place: Chris with score 21266 - giving 3 points in general classification
3rd place: Eistee with score 13805 - giving 2 points in general classification

Other ranking listed participants:Phobuus, Jeeves, Anders, Tex, Shiny, Ryujin, Pomsler, Zero
Each one gets 1 point in general classification for participation.

Scores above 29000 were not counted for podium places, since it is not possible to answer correctly the questions in such short time while doing the quiz for first time.

Congratz to everyone!
Quiz is now available to play without the need for registration and without any restrictions.
Stay tuned for the next competition soon!

good one dude! nice competition… it was hard for me… didn’t know anything about the quiz! hahaha

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