CNTO Combat Tips and Tricks thread.

Just a thread for individual skill, and how to be more badass, die less, kill more in PVP and COOP, in addition to controls you may not know about or use, or general ergonomic control setup guides.

My tips:

-You can do more than just lean to the left and right. With ctrl+a/d (Unless you’ve set it up differently) you adjust your stance to left and right directions in addition to leaning to expose even less of your body when peaking round a corner. Similar to stance adjustment with ctrl+w/s

-When peaking around a corner, it might be a good idea to do so whilst in low-crouch. The additional time it takes for the enemy to acquire you and aim downwards could save your life. Prone is also an option, but it’s likely that if you fail to kill the enemy you could be in trouble and not able to re-enter cover fast enough.

-From what i’ve learned from trying to shoot dachi whilst he’s taking control of AI, moving back and forth as you engage someone in CQB like a speed-addict playing COD whilst spraying full auto makes you hard to hit and deadly. It catches me off guard because the AI typically won’t do this and I almost always fail to hit the bastard, especially if i’m not using a fully automatic weapon with a high rate of fire. It works both ways.

-If you’re expecting CQB have that shit on full auto all the time. You can still fire single shots with well timed clicks. You need to deliver quick snap-bursts to encroaching enemies and drop them fast.

-Advanced grenade system is vastly superior to vanilla grenade system. You should still have your vanilla grenade throw bound to 2xG this prevents accidents, and allows you to quickly throw a grenade if you’re in a pickle. But for all other scenarios, Use advanced grenade system. It allows you better control of where your grenade lands, where it bounces. You can for example stand next to the window of an enemy held building and drop the grenade inside. With vanilla grenade system, trying that is asking for trouble. You can also "cook" grenades using this system. It’s pretty ballsy to cook a live explosive grenade so don’t do it if you’re near the rest of your fireteam, but can deffinately screw anyone in PVP if they have no time to react to the grenade.

-You can slow to a rifleman’s jog to keep your weapon up with the c key. You can slow to a walk with w+s They are toggleable. It’s very useful if you’re moving and expecting contact.

-I’m lobbying to get a CQB course set up for respawners to practice on, in your own time you should build one or try one of the workshop courses, practice your speed and efficiency. I reccomend ones mixing friendlies in there too, as many people have got the quick-react down, but are lacking in the PID department.

-Have your push to talk bound to a key that you can press with your left hand thumb, so you can communicate whilst moving, aiming and shooting with your left hand fingers and right hand on the mouse respectively.

-Have your finger above the trigger (LMB) at most times. Should only be on the trigger when you intend to kill someone. I think i’ve only mis fired once in my entire career and that was because there was marmalade or something under my button. If you’re in base, have your grenade switched to smoke, your mag out or your safety on. Don’t forget to put the mag back in and the safety off when you load up and move out.

-If you suspect you’re being fired at by friendlies drop a green smoke and call it out on the radio.

-If you plan on taking down a helicopter that’s heading right towards you with an RPG, try to take it out when it goes overhead instead of before. It will in all likelyhood crash into you spectacularly. This is hilarious but if you want to survive i’d reccomend the former.

-Even if you can’t see the enemy, shoot at likely positions or shoot the shit out of everything if you’re an AR. Narrow down the area the enemy is in throughout the firefight and reduce your firing arc accordingly. Muzzleflashes, dust poofs and such are good indicators. It can be more challenging to locate enemies during the day.

-If you run out of ammo or get suppressed a quick grenade release could help you out of a sticky situation.

-Never stay in one place for too long. Enter concealment, defile or cover, use it to break line of fire with the enemy and relocate before popping up again.

-Mortars, heavy artillery are deadly, even if you’re miles away the shrapnel can still embedd itself in your skull. Seek hard-cover use sound cues to figure out the general direction of where it will land and put something solid between you and it. Sandbags will protect you against even the most hugest of shrapnel explosions if you get low and conceal all of your body with the barricade. Trust in them. Do not trust in corrugated metal walls. They’re like bushes. Concealment, not good for much else. If there’s no solid cover, hit the dirt. You have much less chance of catching a bad case of shrapnel.

-Check ammo Ctrl+R

-In night missions you’ll likely be issued glowsticks. Use them for illuminating smoke for helicopter LZs. It looks really pretty.

I will add my 3 cents.

After playing 2500 hours of CS:GO I have few things that apply here.

-If you expect a contact very close and you are sure it’s an enemy keep your finger on LMB half pressed(and set to full auto ofc). What I mean by that is apply half(or more) pressure needed on the button to press it. This way if anything pops on your screen you are way faster to shoot.(it applies more to dynamic FPS games but those fucking bots are really fast when CQB…)

-Don’t risk your life to check where the fire is coming from. If you are behind cover and you get shot at just hide. Assume where the fire is coming from and move away from there. You never know when suppressive fire is gonna get you. Also don’t peak twice from the same spot after being spotted. If it’s a player controlled soldier he will keep aiming there for a while. Change your cover if you can and do it in a way the enemy can’t see it. This way they have to adjust the point where they’re aiming at while you’re already shooting.

-Grow a pair. Sometimes You have to make a ballzy move and you can’t just sit there and overthink what can happen. Need to rush an open area? Throw some smoke and run for your life. Sometimes bounding overwatch is not worth the time and it’s more dangerous. If you get shot at while running you can fire back so the enemy will think about letting you go for now.

About Price’s tips that I would modify(and I do modify them at home):

-Unloading your gun, putting safety on etc. etc… So many times people get into gunfight with safety on… Just lower your gun at spawn, set it to single shot so if you manage to pull the trigger you only shoot once and keep the finger off the trigger(mouse).

-Keeping finger off the trigger. What I do is I keep my finger on a hard part of plastic on my mouse under scroll, between LMB and RMB. If you have that tiny space where you can just put your finger without pressing any buttons - I’d recommend that. It gets exhausting(yeah I know how it sounds) when you keep your finger above the button for 1 hour. By using that I only shot 3 friendlies(mostly due to me being tired af and not having the right info about team’s positions). OFC without counting this time where uniforms were confusing as fuck and I killed 1 or 2 friendlies… (GM’s please don’t give friendlies greyish uniforms while enemies have dark-greyish-brown uniforms)

Another tip from watching tropical’s videos… Always keep tropical in the front of the formation :stuck_out_tongue:

And why is that Price? You want me to die fast or you wanted to tell me how awesome I am at spotting 2 moving pixels on my screen? :slight_smile:

Not sure if I should be offended or not. Help me out man.

You might be in the honourable battalion of Chris. A bullet magnet.

[quote user_id=“16434735” avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]And why is that Price? You want me to die fast or you wanted to tell me how awesome I am at spotting 2 moving pixels on my screen? :slight_smile:

Not sure if I should be offended or not. Help me out man.[/quote]

Well you’re just hardcore at CQB man. Fastest trigger in the west… (except when you breech with an empty mag) Too hardcore. In fact you’re so hardcore you can shoot enemies through your teammates :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww you guys <3

Well… Highest rank in CS:GO(a.k.a top 0.85% of players in the world). It obligates :slight_smile: Also I think the empty magazine story is becoming very popular among our community… I’m worried I might get bullied now ;(

Yeah tru dat :smiley: Although I usually manage to stay up till the end or at least a very long time.