CNTO Breaking Point legion

Hey guys!
They just added an option to create permanent groups called Legions in Breaking Point.

I’ve created a legion for CNTO, you should be able to find it if you go to:
BP launcher -> characters tab -> Legion -> Join
and look for CNTO or Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations.

You can also ask in this topic for me to send you an invitation.
I’ve already sent some to existing BP players: John, Swipp, Bull.
You can accept the invitation by clicking the link that you should recieve in a PM on Breaking Point forums.

please add me and Grey!


Invitations sent. Check your inbox at BP forums.

Hi Abuk,
It seems that asking you is my only choice… Please add me: In Game it’s Hellfire, but my BP account is HellfireLx.

Please add me too, nick is Chob.

I hate to be the party pooper, but I dislike the changes to BP.

In the past, zombies were a little slow, had a very menacing walking animation and I remember a dozen of them chasing me around town, slowly, but just quick enough to make sure I can’t loot all the buildings safely.

Players complained that zombies were too easy (And they are, once you acquire a weapon with a bayonet), so the devs did the following changes: zombies now have a run animation similar to how unarmed players run, they have permanent respawn locations where they respawn ~60sec after dying and they can RUN THROUGH WALLS. If that’s not one step forward two steps back I don’t know what is.

I think what keeps players playing is the absurdly slow leveling system, similar to how you have to farm in King of the Hill.

Sorry for TKing you, Swipp, by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

done … thank you!

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Thanks for the info, I have not played Breaking Point before and after your post I am not even going to bother with it. :smiley:

Intitations sent: Chob, Hellfirelx. I’d say its not that bad, zombies are not the main focus in this game, they are just a small addition or a sort of filler. PvP combat and factions are the main point.

My BP Nick is Grey90. Could you pls invite me? :smiley: thx

What faction are the most of you in?

Playing as a group again would be excellent. I stopped playing when it seemed every server just had a bunch of snipers watching ranger stations :frowning: Would love to join the legion, name is Teddy23

Invite sent to Teddy and Grey. Please check BP forums for verification link.

I would like an Invite as well. BP nickname: Feniks

Thanks very much Abuk. Is there a particular faction and map you guys are playing?

Can I get an invite? Username Colabear

I would like to get added please username = NoDachi


Would like to get an invite

Nick: Eistee19

Boop. Let’s do this. Username: Kaleo