CNTO Bingo Suggestions

Evening All,

I’m compiling a list of CNTOisms for an auto-generated bingo sheet that could be used on some ops (completely up to the GM’s discretion)

Here is a list:
Boat Sinks
Car Crash
Helicopter Crash
Sagu BattleEye Error
Friendly Fire
Bad 'Nade
Long Range Mix-Up
Plt Gets Wiped
30 Min Brief
Hot Micing
Sagu 1
ConFox Shinf
Dick Joke
Resup Box Lost
"I Need Blood"
Telling Someone to Shut the Fuck Up
Daddy Clarke
Churizo Being Lewd
Flo Being Too Loud
Hoarding Ammo
Shiny Says "Alright Guys"
Disconnecting Early
Halts Vehicle In An Ambush
Naked AI
M.A.T Not Matt
Casual Racism
Bashing Country Of Origin
Civilain Casualties,
Breaches Of The Geneva Convention

If you have any more suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments.

Cheers x

Cat noises through mic is a good one.
Random explosion and none knowing whats up.
People firing when they are not ordered or ordered not to engage.
More than 10 PTS’s in debrief.
Someone says: Did anyone record that?
OP name has a color in it.
Blowing up a technical with AT.
Convoy crashing into each other.
Someone goes out on their own and dies.
Someone forgets CPR.

Someone mentions the bingo at an inappropriate time
Someone/multiple people taking more than a minute to realise someone is down next to them
A medic is told to leave the wounded
People chant "strip"

Probably should find some way to circumvent the ones based around players/elements that arent in the op from being assigned tho.

AI shooting through walls
AI takes 6+ shots to kill
Casualty Collection Point gets setup
Drawing things (other than plans) on the map
Drunk OP/ 3+ people drunk
Explosion multikill
Flipping a car
FPS drop
Glass sounds
Group singing
Somebody drinks beer
Somebody drinks whisky
Somebody gets drunk before the OP starts
Somebody is drunk at OPs end
Polish dagger gets mentioned(?)

Bad frames

Ellpuk peer-pressured into PLT
No radios
Mic accidentally muted
3+ latejoiners (20:00 cutoff)
Technical issues with resupply box
Exiting exploded vehicle unharmed
Teddy latejoins
Wait 15+ mins for resup/reinserts

PricePole dies from a random shot nobody saw.
All Poles are drunk before the OP
All Poles are drunk during the OP
PricePole sleeps on the toilet (CRUEL!)

Pulling a corpse/unconscious out of a vehicle sends the vic flying

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