CNTO 208 Mile Challenge

Hello all,

Thought this might be a bit of fun whilst getting peolple out running, cycling, walking and hiking.

Group effort to reach 208 miles from now until 11th September!

If you are interested then add me on Strava and I will invite you to the challenge:

Check out Dene Ford on Strava

Sure, i’ll bite.
Great excuse to move my ass.

It’s and excuse for me also mate :d

Hopefully loads of cyclists join and make it easy on us :thumb:

I’ve hiked a bit during my last weekend in Canada.
Here are some routes and km’s.

Hope this works and helps us out in making our goal! Will do some more during the weekend :slight_smile:

Added your activity Shiny, we are up to 70miles now :d

I walk every day as part of my physio. Here’s my stats for the challenge so far:

Last week’s walkies:

Another week of walkies:

Lets rename to Clarke 208 mile challenge while CNTO sits around

Safe to say we have smashed it, well done all!

Still with a month left as well!