CNTO - 2016 in review


I couldnt make us look like heroes this time.
Hope you enjoy.

They are called "Tanks" xD

The part at 7:30 basically sums up my 2016 in CNTO. Ladders, lots and lots of ladders.

Whenever I watch one of these I can’t help but feel we should be marketed as "Tactical" Operations

Awesome video mate! We need to get it on our Arma Units page ASAP! :thumb: :d

Nice video! There is always a Zeus.

Yayy! I missed an annual summary this year :slight_smile: Thanks Hateborder! Last one was great, this is also good :slight_smile:

Edit: Took the liberty to promote the video on our units page and reddit :slight_smile:

nice video! :smiley: at times it looked like missing episodes of top gear