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NO AMMO :frowning:

Good mission though, thanks! The venator interior was insane

Very fun op.

Only feedback from a MM perspecive is to have some patrols about and stuff, rather than everyone stuffed into a single base, makes things a tad more dynamic.


Lot of fun from the air. Plenty to do with troop movements and scouting/air support and think I managed to rack up the most kills after the final objective and I was just strafing where I saw tracers. Many thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Seb”]7849506[/user] for guiding me in for the final extract, incredibly hairy (especially with turbulence) but worth it in the end

Not a lot of ammo to go around, but I always like to scrounge anyway. And i usually shoot more than most regardless.

I liked what I did of the op, hope we keep it up for the remainder.