Christmas present boasting thread.

A thread to show off and gloat about how great your presents were, post images, or vivid descriptions.

I got an extra lump of coal for the fire this year, and a thimble full of mulled wine.

Well if you say so I’ll start off with this beauty. It’s a thing that makes your electric guitar louder for the people who do not know :wink:

Well,this is what my girlfriend bought me :smiley: :smiley:

Woah woah woah!

Are you saying it goes up to 11?

12 actually so it’s 2 louder

I got a pair of really amazingly comfotable Star Wars slippers…

Just Cause 3 and Aftershave

New laptop that runs arma 50% better than the old one :slight_smile:
… and 12 pairs of bamboo socks.

I pretty much got the joy of watching my kids open their gifts and be super happy…and then they were even more awesome a few days later and finally allowed us to get them potty trained. Oh the joys of parent-hood. Love it.

Now, my son did get a few thousand legos (So…many) so that’s kind of like a christmas gift to me too…cause I love some legos to this day haha.

Just… just watch your step, okay?

I got a parachute jump, funny thing that I’m scared of heights.
Dad fought it was hilarious tho.

Did you do it?
I am pretty terrified of heights myself.

I got FM2016 and Civ 5 Complete, so I’m happy, but as Obi said - most important is that I got to spend time with the family and see the little guy smile (and scare) when I showed up dressed as Santa :slight_smile:

I was given the gift of more time on Arma :slight_smile: