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Chernarus Winter

Not ready to be like "OH MAN, we should add this (we have quite a few ‘repeat’ maps as it is), but I thought you guys might like to know its out.

Looks good. Haven’t tried it out yet, but looks good.

OH MAN, not another Chernarus. Winter terrain / outfits though, I would be all 10/10 for that. I always loved winter warfare … if you remember the snow scene from Inception or the intro mission from some of the CoD games (or was it BF: Bad Company?), … mmhm … that’s the stuff. :slight_smile:

In a blizzard, noone can hear you scream.

edit: this one - - YouTube - it’s cheesy because it’s overly scripted, but the general environmental feel is what I’m after

Maybe we can replace one of the other chernarus’ with this one?

We never use the default Chernarus map, we always tend to use the summer version. I’d be down with replacing the default map with this one.

That would make the most sense. Summer and winter.

Chernarus is AI dream map, isn’t it? Their gaze like Eye of Sauron grazing through the forest while we stupid/ignorant humans see trees shooting at us. :slight_smile:

Would be nice if they were combined into one map that could be changed depending on the month the mission is set but that’s wishful thinking. I thought the Altis salt flats were supposed to flood at certain parts of the year but they don’t.