CarpeNoctem soundtracks.

I’m currently "secretly" working in collaboration with one of friend to produce some soundtrack for the team, and a trademark short track that get in your head and never goes out, OldSpice like (yeap you thought about it and are now doomed)
It’s still on an early stage but he’s super hyped by this project, I’ll soon get some prototypes for you guys to hear.
Here will be the thread where you will be able to give him some feedback.
Stay tuned !

[justify]Thanks for looking into a custom intro / outro soundtrack. This will prevent us from getting flagged on Youtube since Google will probably increase their army of lawyer bots in the future. I just want to let you and your friend know that there is no garantuee we’ll use the soundtrack at the end of the day. So please don’t invest hundreds of hours. :wink:

Send us an early Alpha as soon as possible so we can give you feedback and thus ensure that you two don’t invest too much time on a project that might not be a perfect fit for us.

But again, thanks a bunch for going the extra mile Tiloup![/justify]

hey tiloup, talk to me if you guys need help… i’m actually a music producer aswell XD! i normally do deep house and other styles but i know my way around Ableton Live and other software! =P just ask me anything if you like :wink: and i’ll do my best! actually i going to create something aswell!