carpenoctem first friendly clan on Exile Mod

Tiloup, a member of the community manage to save my loot and my car from been stolen from me on exile.
I saw this symbol before in Ephoch as i have seen it on the community,can recognise this symbol as the one that saved the loot of a single guy just about to reach a safe area and get killed by a camper.
He secure my stuff and for that im really greatfull and as soon as i found out the u guys have a website i had to come and say thank you!
Great to see that are good clans out there!

Hey !
So nice of you to come all the way down there :slight_smile:
I have to say this was a one of a kind douche bag, already camping the traders at 6 in the morning, just did what needed to be done.
Anyway, thanks actually means a lot.
Never hesitate to group me in-game if you want to, the golden owl will always be the beacon of friendliness !


I’ll take up the opportunity to ask: What server are you guys on? I just discovered the mod through this post, and although I might not really have playtime for a permadeath mod atm, I might want to seek out an Exile server. .
The exile server of the DeadZ Community.

Any particular time you guys play? I might be inclined to join too.