Carpe Noctem poem?

Yeah so, long story short I was on my chill photoshop music after few lost dota matches to cool down, playing with stuff on photoshop and quickly came up with that.
Problem was, I had that big empty space, and went on a search for poem of some sort I could put there, and ended up trying to make my own.
My english skills being somewhat ‘‘limited’’ that’s the best I could get.

Could we put all our minds to this and come up with something nicer ?

A legend or story passed down from generation to generation,
relating the Carpe Noctem best… something ?

Would my R34 CNTO story/audiobook count as a poem?

No, no, no :smiley:
(Pssss Can I get a copy of that ?)

Brothers, Brothers
wardens of the night,
spread your wings,
and fear no fight,
conquer the darkness with knowledge,
slay down ignorance and lie,
as by my sword’s edge, I swear,
all enemies of the light shall disappear.

My english is not the best too, may be somebody will take our bits and re-compose something corrected

"Brothers, brothers, wardens of… OK, f*ck this - Alpha One, on me!"

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Ryujin is senpai
and he has noticed you

Alpha One, on me!
It’s time for Alpha two to see,
The brave men we all strive to be.
As we charge under the sea
of lead spewed out by MMG.
A veritable killing spree!

So much for love for Bravo tho :frowning:

Alpha 2 is where the cool guys hang out…just say’in

You people are such adorable weirdos. Kawaii! :LOL:

A part of me feels that it should be in the form of a haiku

How about a limerick?

Brave Owls ride to war,
A friendly fire incident,
Ryujin shakes his head.

[quote user_id=“9116490” avatar=“” name=“Price”]Brave Owls ride to war,
A friendly fire incident,
Ryujin shakes his head.[/quote]

This is not a Limerick ?!?

(love it anyway)

It is a haiku, though

Oh, i see :slight_smile: i did not get that right!

Dulabu came
The Post was done
Shame on you … (o dulabu)

A limerick…

There was a young man called Tiloup
who dropped a grenade in his soup,
His key-bindings had changed -
or his mind was deranged,

  • his remains were picked up with a scoop.


Is it too late to change my squad.xml description?


"Like every time, he comes to late
it’s not a crime, but we lose fate

Mission starts, at 20 o
his Mods? Not ready to go

Read Forum Post, and you won’t miss
The Modset update, on the list.

At missions end, we all can read
"Recrut is joining" what a bread"

by dulabu (late at work)

this starts to make fun …

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