Carpe Noctem origin story/timeline

Thought i’d get creative and create a timeline of our world, for fun, and mission setting ideas. It’s not meant to offend anyone but it has a pretty bleak view of the future if you’re into that.


Events of Operation Flashpoint


Events of Arma 2


Events of Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead


Task Force Noctem is established. Nato marine special forces consisting of crack operatives from all Nato member states.
They gain early acclaim in combatting drug cartels, and international terrorism agencies.

Events of Arma 1


The influx of refugees to europe is cause for concern. Many countries adapt a hardline stance on refugees that are fleeing islamic state.

A terrorist attack in the UK is used as fuel for the conservative government to crack down on refugees, however when no agreements can be reached in berlin, the UK leaves the EU for good.

Bernie Sanders is elected President of the United States, and relations between the US and Iran become warmer.

2018 Russia expands its influence through similar tactics employed in Crimea, with former soviet states. It become an Empire in all but name, with Vladimir Putin as it’s "Emperor" The pressure of the new social environment drives out the last of the intellectuals. It continues to bomb western backed rebels and prop up Assad’s regime.

  1. Scotland finally wins it’s freedom from the UK. It does not join the EU, but is offered a place in Scandinavia

A suspiciously timed terrorist attack on US Soil triggers gives fuel to right wing politicians and leads to anger at the middle east.

A catastrophic, yet equally suspicious terrorism attack in Israel leaves hundreds dead and reknews negative feelings about their neighbours.

2020 America elects a republican president. Iran-US relations break down.

CSAT is signed and Iran and other middle eastern countries make a cooperative effor to squash islamic state with great success.


CSAT organizes and combats the russian-backed Assad regime through rebels, simaltaneously created a loyal syrian member state, removing Assad and nullifying western investment. The middle east is stabilized and becomes modern and competative. Israel remains guarded and wary.

Takistan also joins CSAT, nullifying western investment.

The EU wants turkey to become a member country, but ultimately turkey joins as a CSAT member, which concerns NATO.

Russia continues to violate airspace in Scandinavia, the EU and the Middle East.

The global economy continues it’s downswing.

2022 (Haven’t came up with this yet check this post later)

Nato task force is deployed to the Agean.

Task force Noctem disbands.


Altis incident

2035- Events of Arma 3

2038: European Union becomes European Federation. Creates a single, federation-wide, military budget and establishes EuroForce.

India is pressured into joining CSAT

CSAT controls the Agean sea.

Former Noctem operatives from britain discover the truth behind suspicious terrorist attacks.

They are sent on a suicide mission to tie loose ends but go AWOL.

A Nato ghost sub dissapears, as do several former Noctem operatives from their EuroForce positions. Several men dissapear from CSAT as well. Former british operatives undergo surgery to nullify their smart-blood and dissapear, presumed dead.

Task Force Noctem is reborn as a rogue element, hell-bent on exposing the truth, tracing the responsible parties and de-escalating conflict across the world through preventing terrorist attacks, intelligence gathering and information leaking

The seeds of anger were sown long ago, and the plant has grown strong with many branches. Before it no longer requires cultivation by the green thumbed profiteers of anguish and despair, we must strike at the roots.
We are Carpe Noctem. We owe allegiance to no country, we honour no borders. Our plans are as dark and inpenetrable as the night, and when we move, we fall like a thunderbolt.

(so yeah let me know what you think… if you like the whole futuristic rogue submarine vs illuminati idea.)

Holy Shit this is awesome. I really like this one and as a rogue conflict perhaps a little green(Noctem) on Blue(Nato) mission is possible now. Really like how you managed to actually get CSAT together using a good reason and putting real world links inside it.

Well done Price. This could be a cool campaign.

Gave me some great ideas for missions. Thanks!