Carpe Noctem Community Line Battle: TAKE TWO

Many moons ago I organized an event called the Carpe Noctem Community Line Battle. We split into two teams, stood at long range in a long line facing one another, and took turns to shoot at each other at a pace comparable to black powder musketeers. Those who broke ranks were shot by the officer. As the shots started landing increasingly closer, zipping past their ears or kicking up dust in front of them, everyone began to wet themselves. I want to do this again, with a larger turnout and practice more joint firing drills.

We may make use of the new rifles too, K98s vs Lee Enfields.

Might be worth checking the effectiveness of the rifles vs each other. I’m sure the k98 round packs a bigger punch

Yes I was just testing it now. I think we will all use the same rifle, K98s or enflelds for balancing. We won’t be wearing armour anyway but the accuracy of the k98 is higher.

An idea for another activity: Cavalry (quadbike) charge. One team is mounted on quadbikes. The other team has to use volley fire to de-horse them before they run them over.

I want to make it so that the magazines only have a single bullet in them so reloading is required after every shot. Any mission makers out there?

That is actually doable now, via setUnitLoadout. Even mid-mission (can reuse training map).

  1. Go into the editor
  2. Place down any unit
  3. Place down the Game Master editor module (F5, under Zeus)
  4. Hit Preview
  5. Open up Zeus, spawn something, Add Full Arsenal on it
  6. Create loadout for the mission how you want it, expect each magazine to have only 1 bullet in the end
  7. Exit Arsenal
  8. Hit ESC and paste this into the debug console: copyToClipboard str getUnitLoadout player
  9. Hit Local Exec
  10. Open up ie. notepad.exe, hit Ctrl+V
  11. Find the magazines somewhere in the lists - they may be on multiple places (uniform/vest/backpack/…), they will be in the format of ["some_class_name",30,2] - first number is rounds in mag, second number is count of mags
  12. Set the first number to 1, for all magazines (class names) in the pasted text
  13. When on the server and in Zeus, use Util -> Execute Code (All machines)
  14. Write: player setUnitLoadout [
  15. Copy/Paste the contents from notepad
  16. End with: ,false]
  17. Hit OK
  18. Profit!

A little birdie told me I’d be allowed to join mini ops, so as long as it isn’t on Saturday I’m totally up for it!


ahem… I mean "count me in". :LOL:[/justify]

So i’m thinking of organizing this for the 27th? but I can move it to the 30th

30th we’ll have monthly staff meeting, where everyone is welcome to sit it. I’d advise not to set it on 30th.