CAREFULL New malware running on steam

Similar to the one who was running just two month ago a new malware is running on steam.
(DO NOT Click on the link)
(DO NOT Click on the link)
With some ********* Catch up like, ‘‘Drew this for new year’’ or the good old ''Check that screenshot !"
This download you .scr files do not open them is by mistake you have click on the link.
Just as the previous malware once this link file is open it will get your steam logs and do lot’s of nasty stuff.

This sounds like something you’d say, Tiloup :smiley:

Fair enough.
That’s how a "friend" try to send it to me.
Seems to me that was a Copy/Paste, might be the vanilla way they send it .

good to know thanks!

Don’t make it a link if you can click it and get nasties. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clarke, please edit his post to undo the hyper link. It’s a danger to members like it is right now.