Can SPC branch member vote ?

Hi, can I vote as branch member and SPC ?

Rank restructure document:

2.4 Voters

  • Any branch member…
  • Voting power - branch member (SPC) - 1 vote

As I understand it - I can vote - 1 vote like branch member and SPC (MM team).

The thing is - I Do Not Have The Access To The Poll.

BTW. Im even missing the Survival Campaign Ribbon from some reason, even when I was listed there by Dachi.

Locked thread

Please don’t start discussions on our internal voting procedures on the public forums. If you have a technical issue such as not having access to a sub-forum or a missing ribbon contact the SSgts directly via PM on the website and they will sort it out asap.

As a member of Staff, you also have the option to create a new thread on the Staff Forum itself to ask questions about the voting process there.