Campaign: Stalingrad

Leave feedback, also for the first mission if you want

That first mission was okay, nothing too special really. But holy shit, Stalingrad itself was absolute 10/10. The atmosphere in the darkness, the janky-ass buildings/rubble piles, the psy-ops playing, really well done on this one chief.

Gotta agree with Shad, especially during night time I was getting quite anxious. You did an amazing job for Stalingrad my friend!

Plus the sporadic artillery bombardment was great. Not to turn this into a d*ck-sucking-fest, but I honestly can’t think of anything else you could have done to make it better.

Got a strategic question about the first part though. How should the tank have been utilized in the first part?
We were attacking a fortified position with enemy armor and anti-tank guns. There was no way in hell our tank was going to survive a frontal assault.

[user avatar=“” name=“MrWofu”]20795496[/user] we had a few successful occasions during this campaign where friendly armour has survived in harsh conditions. As PLT leader for the first mission I should have kept the infantry alongside Dolch to protect it from AT enemy units. Wasn’t too happy about having them roll down the MSR though, and that’s why I decided to split them, with the hope of joining back our forces on the first sector of town. Also, due to the time limit I decided to rush in from the NW leaving the NE flank completely exposed and I think that’s where Dolch took the most amount of fire from.

Thanks guys!

Also if you were wondering what the voice kept repeating, it was: "Alle 7 Sekunden stirbt ein deutscher Soldat. Stalingrad? Massengrab."

"Every 7 seconds, a German soldier dies. Stalingrad? Mass grave."

The metronome ticking and the music (Death Tango) were played in conjunction with the speech to stop the Germans from fighting until their death, since even a victory meant great losses for both sides. It didn’t really work, as far as I could tell.

Thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Clarke”]11341464[/user] for finding the haunting piece of propaganda!

Well, super shit I missed Stalingrad, hope we get a re-run of that at some point when it’s not death heat. Good to hear it went well!