Campaign Overview - Mr. Clarke

Campaign Setting

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

You are a member of "Crimson Talon" - a private military company comprised of various thieves and cut-throats, down on its luck and recently contracted by a wealthy and excentric business man: Mr. Clarke. Since the PMC’s funds have been drained by several high profile incarcerations and subsequent lawsuits Crimson Talon is now solely depending on the seemingly endless pockets of its latest benefactor.

Campaign Features

Crimson Talon

  • On a tight budget. Crimson Talon’s funds are severely depleted, you can ill afford any critical mission failures as they will impact your budget for future operations and potentially downgrade the gear available to the PMC. However, mission successes will increase your budget and thus give you access to better equipment. Individual PMC soldiers are expendable, though you get bonuses for recoverred friendly bodies - no penalties are issued for dead Crimson Talon members. Loss of vehicles (complete destruction) or the HVT will incur severe penalty fees.

  • No planning phase. There is no overarching campaign plan or even mission strategy as the HVT is extremely secretive with regard to his intentions. He will only reveal a rough idea of where he wants to travel, often even just one location at a time. You’ll have to constantly assess the situation and deal with the uncertainty that this weirdo might change his mind with the flip of a coin. Make sure to study the intel documents to know about various factions operating in the AO as Mr. Clarke likes to keep company with unsavory characters.

  • Travelling light. The HVT does not like waiting around for people trying to catch a stamina break. Your mag-count will be lower than usual and resupplies will be somewhat limited. We are here to make great business deals, not to wage war!

  • Indifferent to war crimes. Crimson Talon is a collection of mercenaries, dishonorable discharges and other degenerates. All they care about is protecting the source of their income, thus avoiding civilian casualties ranks very low on their priority list. However, on missions where BluFor forces are present PMC’s will always be on their best behavior, keeping weapons tight and lowered at all times, in order to avoid severe sanctions or legal quarrels.

  • PMCs are expendable. There is no honor among thieves and cut-throats - if you are surrounded or left behind wounded do not expect a rescue mission. PMC’s will fight tooth and nail to protect and rescue the HVT but they won’t bat an eye over leaving behind their comrades in arms.

Mr. Clarke

  • Is immortal (kinda). Mr. Clarke has access to a team of highly skilled doctors and plastic surgeons. If you recover his body (Crimson Talon vehicles contain bodybags) they will be able to fully restore his peak businessman physique. Should you fail to do so a secondary recovery team will be hired and the costs will be deducted from your paycheck.

  • Does not have military training. He may panic under fire or refuse to travel further on foot without adequate friendly forces in the vicinity. This is a highly erratic individual who is prone to buffoonery and irrational decision making.

  • Has basic firing range skills. He may pick up assault rifles, carbines, smgs and pistols - enemy and friendly equipment alike. If he does, PMCs have to communicate to all protection elements that the HVT might be e.g. equipped with an AK.

  • Too good for menial labour. Mr. Clarke will flat out refuse to do things he feels are beneath him. He requires a driver at all times and in front of business partners, he may even insist on PMC’s opening the doors for him to look like a big shot.

  • Does not carry a radio. The HVT does not carry a radio, he complained it made his pants feel too heavy.

  • No dynamic map marker. Mr. Clarke does not wish his location to be tracked via GPS. You will have to keep an eye on him the old-fashioned way, which can be difficult as he may demand to meet his esteemed business partners in private.

Video from 2015 when we last ran this setting

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