Campaign: Operation Olympia

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We landed, got off the helicopter… I had a nap in a shed while we sorted everything out and waited for alpha… rudely awoken by gunfire, followed by very heavy caliber gunfire from the IFV that shot at our heli earlier. We advanced for some reason and were immediatelly pinned prone behind tiny pasture walls.
If that wasn’t bad enough we’d been stationary long enough for the mortars to start falling. I decided to blind whatever was shooting at us with smoke luckily before that so I had a clear run back to my shed, which I figured would be a good place to cower. No sooner had I arrived at the front door then I heard the charicateristic mortar sound indicating it was about to fall right on top of me. I dived inside and one landed right on the roof, which prompty caved in on me, but aside from bad bruses and many tears I was pretty ok considering.
The only other survivor in bravo right now was [user avatar=“” name=“Mastick”]20997772[/user], our new french guy. Nobody else was responding on the radio after an order to leave was called and so we regrouped. In the nick of time it seems as some contacts had manouvered up on us, and shot him in the back as we were advancing in the opposite direction. I threw more smoke, picked him up and got us out of there, and checked on him in relative safety, and attempted to get nightbird’s attention but didn’t have any coloured smoke. I switched to short range 1 and managed to get hold of someone who organized to send Dagger to our rescue