Campaign: Op. Shanghai

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  • Slow and methodical approach.
  • Complete one of our objectives.
  • Catch a nuke and burn to a crisp!

Was good shit.

Yeah, other than the music being a tlitle loud halfway through this was just a very solid mission on a very good new (for me) map. I didn’t see all of it, but the ruski invasion also looked great. The scale reminded me of the intro of World In Conflict, which is always a great thing.

Always a fan of a mix of slow and fast paced bits mixing it up.

Another thing that was cool to me, was that the team was broken in roughtly two equal parts on opposite sides of the city. It didn’t have to happen, but I liked that we ended up fighting towards each other in the middle of the city. That and the fighting that happened in the background made it all feel much larger in scale than in probably actually was.

I’m afraid Arma engine is not built for Modern Warfare gameplay. I had 15-20 FPS most of the time and it seems I wasn’t the only one.

Pecher is not optimised as much as it could be, the city has inherent frame issues associated with it, which is another reason itll only be in for this campaign and not part of the main repo.

Next mission will be on Pecher again, but no Russian invasion in the skies and way less AI. Let me know how your frames are then so we can compare and see how much frame loss is attributed to the number of AI and how much due to Pecher itself.

I’ll record the next op with FPS counter on, so that we can look up if those FPS issues are traceable to specific issues.

I record with an fps counter on.
Outside the city: 50-80 fps
Inside the city: 30-50 fps
During paradrop: 20-30 fps
During extract: 30-35 fps

Definitely wasn’t the best mission in terms os fps, but also not he worst. My viewdistance was still on 2000m the whole OP (which I do turn down when I start getting below 30).

In Alpha I had a very good time, first scouting around the city and then sneaking in until we got to the hotel when it just turned into an all-out firefight and a desperate escape.

The scoping with the big zoom mode for me halved my frames from 50~ to 22~.
Did anyone else have this?

my POV for this op: