Campaign: Op. Quicksand

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Great mission, great atmosphere, challenging (sorry for ruining the stealth part, maybe there was a way to do it but…).
Element leaders clever, great initiative (really always needed). I loved the music, think we’re fans of the same game. :wink:

Like I said in the debrief, I love missions like this one which:

a. give elements different objectives
b. force them to coordinate. That ‘unleash hell’ attack was worth on it’s own.
c. that also makes entire squad active, not just parts of certain squads active while other parts just "provide 360".

Keep it up!

I also very much enjoyed the mission and the effort put into that SDV insert. It was a great way to get into the mood for it.
Like Highway, I loved that we could cut the execution into little pieces with each element having a precise task to perform in coordination with the others. It was awesome to take all the major enemy assets in one swoop as soon as we heard the GO.
Bravo functionned really well and I felt we were very reactive with people adapting quickly to the situation, staying on the move to keep the pressure on the enemy.

A couple criticisms I would have:

  • I thought there was a bit too many AI (although Angel helped mitigate that a lot) as a 30-man force taking on 150 ennemies is a bit much. Although, the AI may just not be enough of a threat with the current settings.

  • It may have been better to have the QRF land a bit further away or at least with more obstacles between us & them so we would have had to put more effort into taking the fight to them before they took too much ground.

  • The few enemy soldiers coming at us one by one at the end from seemingly nowhere felt a bit weird & unecessary.

Thanks a lot Baegel, I’m looking forward to the next installment!

Great mission!

-The NVGs were great. They were limiting, as they should be, but the blue light is a bit nicer on the eyes for me and the wider FOV is nice too. Not opposed to our regular NVGs, but I definitely would like to see these more often as well were appropriate.

  • The difficulty was high, and I like it that way. Combined with the one-life mission thing, I really love the fact that everyone tends to be a lot more on point. These high stakes missions are the best.

  • The usual great Bae introduction was good as always.

  • The fact that we did the same mission twice in a row, and both were very fun and different speaks volumes about the quality I think.

  • Seeing the AC-fuckyou in the air putting down fire was awesome.

On the negative, I don’t really have much, though I can pretty much go with the ones that Stuka put forth.

Anyways, great shit. Keep it going.


1440p version whenever youtube decides it wants to, so in about a week. Also, the thumbnail is not random.

edit: In case Enjin decides to not show the video, Arma 3 CNTO: Task Force Aegis: Quicksand - YouTube .

Also, yeah, we definitely need that JSRS in our life