Campaign: Mr. Clarke - Out of Gas

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Really liked the idea and setup, but few things I’d consider changing:

  • give people time to plan the search, saying "every second counts" incentivizes plan-less random behavior; 5-10 minutes of planning ("we fly in a formation like this, have callsigns like this, we do this when we take contact, etc.") would have been huge
  • make it daytime; spotting and avoiding threats + spotting the downed team is part of the fun and having the environment be very dark (or having shitty NVGs) makes one virtually unable to spot any vehicles from a pilot’s PoV, incl. AA
  • use infantry MG teams and make them shoot at helicopters, use ZSUs very sparingly and from a distance - ZSU should be used for area denial, not for killing off landed choppers - that’s what MG infantry is for
  • first point again - don’t pressure people to extract ASAP; we lost 2 helicopters because we were dead set on getting the VIPs off the ground ASAP, even at the cost of casualties - if the threat was more abstract ("there are teams hunting for the VIP, and they may logically follow helicopter sounds"), it would probably reinforce the idea of an area being dangerous and choosing a different LZ
  • give the downed team a 343; trying to pinpoint them and communicate while trying to not stay right above them (to not reveal the VIP team’s position) can be a lot of fun
  • perhaps give the heli passengers extra binoculars - if it’s daytime, they can be just old binocs (not vectors), … so that going high up in the air + spotting is a viable strategy and more than 2 people in a FT can have fun
  • redistribute the enemy presence; (for performance reasons) have some lone MG guys / HMG technicals to give the appearance that there are many hotspots on the island - not random patrols everywhere, just strategic hotspots (in towers, etc.), making extraction coordination in large enemy territory the challenge of the mission (even once the helis know the VIP’s position), not the close-range firefights themselves
  • (like mentioned above, the contrast is the enemy force hunting down the VIPs using vehicles and infantry, versus the helicopters doing the extraction, not a cinematic fight between ground forces and tons of infantry)
  • ie. make the VIP team always sandwiched between two or three enemy positions - these would have low enemy presence (not a full squad), but challenge both sides tactically in preparing the LZ

The mission concept is really cool, I’d love to see it run again.

Apologies for being the worst NB of 'em all despite re-entering at base, that was solely due to [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] great leading of Alpha. Big effort my man :slight_smile: Enjoyed it anyway though, hadn’t used a heli since Prairie Fire days so I was definitely a bit rusty.

As for Freghar’s points, I agree on all of them but giving ground forces a 343: if it’s daytime and we have better spotting capabilities let’s keep it more fun, maybe with some false positives that take infantry to dismount multiple times. In general I think this mission proves both that a) missions that drift from what we usually do can be a lot of fun while not necessarily a farce and b) it takes a good mind to think it, gg Clarke :slight_smile:

P.S. Having three fireteams with 152 radios was epic I think, definitely consider it a great victory for updating slotting procedures :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you :stuck_out_tongue: