Campaign: Geonosis

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I really enjoyed the setting Churizo, well done! Though I agree there was a fair bit of waiting at the crashed destroyer where I’d have liked to see more action. Although the weapons we were given weren’t super accurate at even ~500m, which is why I preferred the assault on the base after securing the ship. As someone said in debrief, I’d love to see hordes of drones instead of scattered infantry, don’t know if we could handle it though but it would be a lot of fun.

Regarding the faction itself, the only complaint I have is that FTLs seemingly don’t have a backpack and thus can carry very little magazines. Also the shadow is somewhat missing all the gear for some reasons. Unfortunately I had massive FPS stutters at both last bases we cleared.

Despite a couple of minor things, I did enjoy the mission and it was very immersive. Thanks for the effort Chu :slight_smile: