Campaign: Felucia

Feedback here please

I really enjoyed the mission, and actually did enjoy the droids being in weird places and attacking us from on top of rocks and things as it added to the unpredictable and alien nature of the world. The only things i could say are things i have already said, bracing the AR shoving the barrel into the dirt half the time was annoying since there was little else in the map that was bracable. Id like to see more droids to really get that star wars experience altho that would probably mean they would have to be worse at shooting us right now it seems like we are fighting roughly the same numbers and formations as normal missions where as you expect to see many many more droids.

On top of that so far ive only really noticed normal b1 droid types im not sure if the mod has more like supers or commandos but id like to see them spread throughout the b1s if possible.