Campaign: Fall Weiss

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First op was very fun, if a little shorter than I thought. The PAK is a lot of fun to use, which I’d like to see more of. The thing does suffer from the problem where ammo types are all pooled into a single counter so you don’t actually know what you have left of each.

Anyway, was great, it’s a shame that we’ll only have a couple of missions.

Might have been a little on the hard side considering we were getting used to bolt action rifles but fun overall. Not sure how I crashed that Stuka, can only assume I overspeeded it and couldnt pull out of the dive

Great mission, thank you Bae!

We sucked, we were not on Wehrmacht level. I expect more from us. So many needless casualties in the 1st one.

Baegel, please find a whistle!


There is a whistle! its a mine detector…

Now I understand this.

Loved it. Cheers for the hard work in getting the setting so right!

Really enjoyed the first op getting ambushed in the town my two at guns was really good specially evading them shots until we had to stop which got us killed the first time, as for the second time i was lucky i could see the shells coming and just hid behind a building lol and having flo deal with the guns when we moved out. as for the main town itself at the end, the assault went really well took out a few infantry and tanks while covering PLT, Anton and Bertha etc. plus when our tank got hit by the T-26 and had to take cover i had one of those heres Johnny moments as i see the gun point inside the door looking at me lol.

For the second op it to went well managed to get into a few postions and we took out a few guns and a tank or two before all the disconects which was a shame as it did slow everyone down a bit but we manged to cross the river in the end and secure the bridge. Overall both really fun and great missions and well done Baegel for making them 10/10 would invade poland again.

Bae, can you give us 15ish minutes before next operation for squad level training? Wehrmacht obviously fought differently than we usually train so think we should address that.

Garf was saying he had a mine detector. Was that actually a whistle ?