Campaign: Fall of Berlin

[b]Feedback etc.

Thanks for playing the campaign![/b]

Well what can I say except that it was a great mission (like all the other WWII missions we played). It was confusing as hell though because not only did I join in as one of the two people in Bertha, was then attached to MAT on my way to attach to Anton so it was a crazy adventure. I kinda expected to be constantly fucked over like in the first 10 seconds of the OP but I guess I was barely on the "front line". I patched up plenty of people who have been so I believe it was difficult xD Also I can’t believe you’ve put 10k objects on that map to finish it… It was a cool campaign, I just wish I could have played all the OPs in it but ey, this will do. I also really liked the balance on all of these OPs, there was never too few or too many enemies.

Also I’ve had my microphone on 100% volume and 10% boost and to my ears it was loud but that ain’t too bad for ACRE. At some point somebody told me I’m being quiet (had shouting volume) so I yanked it to 20% boost. I then heard it on a clip and my mic gave up on audio quality and just peaked every time I tried to say anything and honestly I’d be infuriated if I had to listen to someone’s mic like this for 2.5 hours. So for the future, if somebody has trouble hearing people either just single them out on teamspeak and make them louder or change "Pre-mix volume" in ACRE settings (or ACEX volume?).

Had a great time tonight. Backblast of the panzerschrek was a lot more potent than I expected and killed me twice, but it was worth it. Street fighting was amazing, with all the rubble, buildings and craters to take shelter in.

Here are the main T34 vs Panzerschrek moments:


Once again Baegel you got me really scared and anxious. This mission is something I waited for all the campaign: fighting in the streets hard to conquer just one block of buildings, amazing experience!

On the campaign itself. Every mission I played was really well made and recreated the feeling in the best way I’ve experienced so far in Arma. Also, the shift from the first ~3 missions were we just went forward with little worries conquering towns left and right to the last couple of missions where you could feel we were on a desperate fight was one heck of a narrative. I’m actually a bit sad it’s over.

So thank you for the massive effort you put into every mission, the outcome was just stunning <3