Campaign - Fall Gelb, The Fall of France

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Very interesting. I think we still have a bit to go in adjusting to the technology of the era. We know it’s slower without radios and most people armed with long range bolt action rifles and shortish (although fine for action in towns) SMGs. However, tanks are also different. Because infantry AT is so primitive tanks can probably be used more up front. In addition, tanks also have more MGs with a hull MG they can cover close in front and operate more safely close up in towns. This is all quite tricky to adapt to. Overall plans have to have an objective for each team to work with and then a rally point (that everyone in the team knows) to meet up in. Everyone needs to be more switch on and know about the plan and know where other teams are. This op showed how we are getting better but still have some things to adapt to.

Agreed, not using the tank as vehicle screen when pushing across the bridge was suicide and a bad decision. Not bashing anyone here personally, I’m sure whoever made that call wanted to preserve the tank asset, but it was not a good call.

The earlier in the war we are, the less the infantry matters. All that shit has less than 100m range. AT guns are another matter, of course.

As for the other stuff I agree with teddy, though from experience it is usually also good if the squad and fireteam leaders take the initiative a bit quicker than we are normally used to so we don’t grind to a halt. Not that I felt like that was really an issue.

One thing I was wondering about [user avatar=“” name=“Baegel”]2509934[/user] so far every role I’ve had has been without grenades, is this on purpose? So AT lead and AAR. I use grenades a lot, even discounting smokes, so that was a little painful :P.

Only the Assault group gets grenades

It takes time to adopt new tactics that differ so much from the ones we are used to. Though I’m quite happy with the evolution we had from last Friday as Teddy mentioned.

One thing I’d definitely want to see more is a more thoughtful way of assaulting objectives. Instead of going all-in and just dumbly charge an obviously superior enemy force I think we should make better use of support team and assault team. Their names have meanings so stick to it :stuck_out_tongue: We should probably slow down and take our time to find good positions and actually deploy the support team so it can properly support assault team, instead of having the first just trailing.
The use of runners is something we must give up on at some point. This also is part of the "slow down" point I mentioned earlier. Despite not having suffered great lacks in coordination this time around, they sometime are necessary. If we don’t get enough people for slotting up, maybe designate a person within each squad (for infantry at least) and it should be good.

On the mission side, once again the setting was amazing and kudos for that Baegel. The first engagement was spectacular if you ask me. Though I’d hope to see more resistance in towns and cities in the future, with engagements that can take quite some time to just capture a square or an alley. Would be really cool cool.

Cheers for the mission!

EDIT: how could I forget about the intro song? I was disappointed of being point man because it must’ve been awesome to watch.