(Campaign) Coop: Liberation

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Probably the best Op we’ve had of this campaign, especially as an armoured unit with plenty to shoot at. I ended up with 15 armour kills and 120 dismount kills.

Comms was hectic as we had a lot of moving parts even for such a small platoon size, Ellpuk did well and did not crack under the stress of controlling a nearly rogue DAGGER element and a NIGHTBIRD element that was struggling to keep in the air but still maintained a clear mission objective of destroying as much shit as he could.

Enemy armour was incredibly hard to engage, a single enemy T72 took a total of 18 APFSDS rounds to various frontal locations to even make the crew disembark… when I checked the vehicle after, it only had destroyed tracks. A T80 on a hillside 2.5km away was very hard to destroy. A lot of armour engagements were at 1.5km+ (BMPs, BTRs and T72/T80s) which is nearly unheard of for a DAGGER element nevermind CNTO. I really enjoyed these far out engagements as it plays for an extremely more realistic armoured warfare.

I accept full responsibility for a single BLUE ON BLUE incident, I posed an image in event-footage of what I could see and thought was enemy, I wasn’t aware friendly elements had pushed forward of me, to then turn around and engage enemy in my local area (in my direction) and I apologise, thankfully I don’t think anyone was actually killed and no-ones night was ruined by that engagement