(Campaign) Coop - Invasion

Feedback please, I could use it after the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

suggestions for making the mechanized structure more familiar and less confusing, while keeping it mostly the same and distinct:

  • give the vehicle team a callsign
    - will simplify comms and make it more familiar
  • give squad lead and vehicle commander short radios, or set one of their long radios to a ground vehicle channel.
    - this will make it possible for them to talk about mundane shit, without cluttering the main long range channels.
  • with the shit rhs btr’s it’s very handy to have a dedicated commander, so an optional slot for that might be good-
    - would also makes the faction less unique. so we could probably manage without.

I’d like to post some feedback from Zeus side. Since it’s easy just to point out mistakes and not act upon them, I’ll try to provide a solution whenever possible, starting with mistakes on my part:

*missing inventory of BMP-1s - I have tested it in the Editor, however, they were not there during the mission, I am not sure what caused that, but Mattdogs has pointed out it might have been associated with 3CB settings in the attributes tab, supplies were supposed to be limited, so it worked out to the theme of the mission and hopefully added the difficulty I was aiming for.

*squad structure - I think this is a mistake on my part; I wanted to simulate a mechanized element and as several people have pointed out - this different structure led to confusion and breakdown of CoC

*Orel (Falcon) - I underestimated the abilities of our pilots - don’t get me wrong, we have excellent pilots, however, not everybody knows every plane by heart, and since we do not use this element as often as I would like we have just fallen out of practice. Just because I can 1 v 2 an AI in a dogfight doesn’t mean that everybody is able to do it. I think I will make adjustments and lower the skill floor for this element in my future OPs as it’s fun but we definitely need to get more experience using it. (Just look at our great helicopter pilots, they know AH-6s and AH-64s by heart, and the skill floor is much higher for them)

*re-inserts - they were a mess, a mistake on my part, I apologize

*enemies - AI had gone rouge on me several times, failing to fulfill orders and wandering in the spots I did NOT want them to engage the players from, an excellent example is one squad coming to the town of Mala Ves that was not meant to be occupied and staying inside the buildings there; I also spawned some AAF troops which I did not see until they managed to creep up on our players, despite choosing NFA (Nogova Freedom Alliance) they still spawned in AAF uniforms for some odd reason

Now I would like to list a few things I noticed players doing during an OP that in my honest opinion should be corrected:

*the radios - if you don’t use one of your radios, PLEASE mute it or hand it over to another person, and please be sure to announce it over the net, I have seen people drop their long-range radios on the ground while other players in the BMP-1s were unable to reach the rest of the elements

*contact reports - I have heard very good callouts when it came to ground units and emplacements, however, our elements failed to report high-threat hostiles such as fast movers, which put our ground elements in danger and confusion, information flow is very important when facing fast movers as they can strike out of nowhere and deal a lot of damage;

case 2 - during an assault on abandoned ruins one of the BMP-1s just stood next to enemy squad while the rest of the infantry kept dismounting one by one every 30 seconds, this allowed the enemies standing next to the vehicle to pick off our soldiers one by one, this might be partially my fault because of the squad structure I have decided to use, thus I am taking the part of the blame on me

*armored vehicles - I think this OP was a very solid demonstration of what AI is capable of now, they have a MUCH longer range on their AT and AA guns, they are able to single out and pick off tanks that are out of cover fairly effectively, we need to pay a bit more attention on the positioning of our elements when assaulting an objective as the captured T-55A was swiftly dispatched by 2 AT guns sitting on a hill about 1.5 KM away, this is not a mistake but rather a point I would like to stress from this point forward as threats can come from much further away now

case 2 - if you see that a vehicle is being shelled by rockets/artillery do not try to get close to it, the enemy will try to shoot it until there is either nobody inside or it explodes, it draws all the fire from the area towards you, if you have wounded, please don’t use the vehicles as cover if possible as they can explode and inflict much more losses, evacuate all the wounded you can without exposing yourself to enemy shelling and leave the position ASAP


Since I am not sure where to put this section, I will write it in a separate paragraph.

We need more awareness when it comes to different vehicles we are using, I am honestly not sure how to achieve it at this point without putting a huge workload on the training team or forcing players to experiment with different vics.

RHS is very specific, the BMP-1 we used, although being listed under 3CB was still using the RHS model, thus, the way that ATGM worked was very specific, meaning it locked your turret and the mouse movements adjusted the flight trajectory of the rocket.

It goes the same way for MIG-21, I think we need to put more emphasis on teaching players to use radars and different kinds of missiles, as since the Jets DLC they are a vital part of Air-to-Air combat.

That’s pretty much everything from my side, I really enjoyed hosting the OP and was super happy with the attendance, thank you for playing and for the feedback I have received on TS after the mission. I will make adjustments where necessary.

Thanks for the op Sagu, I’m looking forward to the rest of the campaign!

I have some feedback as well:
Firstly, I really liked that vehicle slots of the mechanised elements were clear on slot up. Sometimes I like driving around for 3 hrs, and sometimes I don’t. But, I almost always dislike driving around as a side-job of Alpha (without knowing it in advance). I don’t know if it would be more practical or not to have the vehicles in Alpha or not. It’s true there definitely was some confusion, but at least this way it was clear they were the primary vehicle for Alpha always.

Also, I liked the long-range cannon/artillery attacks from the enemy and that they didn’t blast our infantry :smiley: I don’t know if it’s intended, but the gun that took out our BMP as we were descending towards the bridge didn’t fire on infantry at all (presumably because we were to small/not seen). Not sure if this was due to your intervention or just how the AI works, but imo it worked well and it worked fair.

The problem of case 2 was not due to squad structure. It was due to a lack of vision and people not following orders (the first 2 shouldn’t have been outside), leading to a chain reaction where everything went wrong. I was the 4th person to jump out (after all my superiors were down and to see if we could rescue anybody) and was extremely surprised to find 7 people around the vehicle, when nobody in the vehicle was aware of this.