Call to Arms (Men of War)

Hey guys!

I’ve been a fan of Men of War: Assault squad (1) for quite some time now.
They now are developing Call to Arms, with (kinda) the same mechanics of Men of War: Assault Squad but in a modern setting.
Right now you can pick up the game for 7.99 euros, which is 75% off full price!

I don’t know if anyone here is interested, but I really hope they can make a good Men of War once again!
They just went into beta, so I really hope they will add and polish the game to a proper title.

I know they can do it, so please support them and motivate them to develop a good one again!


mumbling back to school again…

I do know that Clarke, Ryujin and I do already have the game.
And the few times we played were a blast o7

I played MoW and quite liked it. I liked less having to manage the inventory of the dozens of units.

They still re-use the voices from Soldiers:Heroes of World War II, Faces of War and Men of War and i’m told it’s quite buggy, but i’m pretty interested in it’s development.

Big fan of Men of War AS2 , i would love to play Call to arms!

So the voice acting is still as amazing as I remember?

I have been playing a bit of Men of War Assault Squad 2 recently and trying out mods. I played a lot of the earlier ones but not so much multiplayer as I was a bit too slow and not great at switching to direct control as needed. I watched some of the Call to Arms videos and I noticed the old sounds assets too! I guess that is amusing but forgivable. Once thing I didn’t is that apparently you have to rank up to unlock units which seems a bit crappy.

Do note that their core development team is about 10 people, so thats why they probably reuse alot of assets and codebase!
If you’re interested, get it while it’s still cheap!
Or offcourse wait and give them more money for development!

I really hope some CNTO guys wanna play if there is a stable version available, coop campaign for example!

I think they want to be attractive to a broader audience, and I can understand it saleswise.
Personally I would accept minor changes "more casual mechanics" such as the ranks etc. as long as they dont throw away what makes their game attractive to people who like the micromanage aspect about it and the other good features.

I’m hoping the modding community will take interest too…

Well, it’s on sale so I now own it.

I feel a Weekend CtA event incoming…

Wouldn’t that be awesome tho ? :smiley:

I guess tomorrow is ok?

cry my deadline for delivering my paper is 13th of June, so I’ll be full time on that :dizzy:
Save some good interest in playing CtA for me when I’m back please :thumb:

…Oh baby, I’m gonna make such an awesome big ass mission when I come back to you guys!!
Actually, today all day I was unmotivated… you guys just made me cheer up :slight_smile: WORK WORK!!

There is a good youtuber called Raptor, he plays men of war and call to arms quite often, we could use some of the mods he uses and play some of the campaigns he plays.

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