Calendar maintenance - upcoming events


I remember when I came here, there was always full calendar about one month forward. Which was for me quite a proof that this community is active regularly and is worthy to join.

In last two months I have feeling that the calendar is not fully maintaned.

It s always better for the possible recruits see that we have actions prearranged. And I like personally see what is comming too.

You have to know that MMT probably is doing its best to fill out the events calendar, figuring out who will host what mission at what day… just don’t forget that this is, like we all know, not always easy. They have RL to and with the recently started campaign a lot of work is put on there shoulders!

Don’t take it as "The community is not active" but maybe more "The community has a lot of work to do" =)

I do not také it like community is not active but like the Im interesting in joining this clan and I see only one action in calendar. (and, yep it looks like it s not acitve for possible new recruit)

I do not want be anyhow pushy or something but the Dark Crusade is in progress from 16.8.2017

The campaign has been in work for over a year and is only finally being rolled out. That should give you an idea of how busy it has kept the MM team.

That combined with the fact that we are just out of haitus, means that January’s calender is going to be delayed being filled as we go. Calender upkeep will likely resume as normal come February when the campaign is over and MM’s have more store of missions ready to be rolled out.

I’m not Mission Making Manager, but I can speak as one of the Mission Makers that this is the current likely case.

Somehow after the winter hiatus it got past me to create placeholders for events. I hope it looks a bit better now. We can’t really do much more before we get OPORDs from mission makers and trainers.

Hello Mother,

Due to changes in the way mission makers can reserve a date slot it means that more work needs doing before events are posted up. The calendar before the new year mission makers would just request a slot and give me the mission name so I could make the calendar look full and give a good idea to people of the upcoming events, but now mission makers need a minimum of the OPORD written which means sometimes we are waiting to fill the calendar because we are waiting for OPORD’s.

Hope that answers the question.

Edit: This new system however makes it a fairer way to request a date rather than the previous first come first serve basis.

This is a campaign month Mother, I’m putting OPORDs on the event page on event per event basis not to spoil the upcoming event. It will be business as usual next month.

Ok, thanks everybody for explaining the current situation. I think the "Coop:TBA" solved it the best how was possible :thumb:

Is there a mistake in the calendar for Saturday 30.1. … 6,13,20, 27.2. - it s are not Fridays but Saturdays. Or missions were moved from Fri to Sat regularly ?

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