Well the vote is coming up and I am none the wiser as to which way I will vote :?. Have any of you fellow Brits made your mind up? If anyone has a piece of information that will sway me one way or the other please speak up! :idea:

You’re missing your say on how trading is handled in the EU. You’re missing out on funding for agriculture in a lot of ways. You’re missing out on huge global power compared to what your small country can do alone. Yes you have to share that power in the EU but isn’t that worth it?

Immigration is a huge topic but in depth it isn’t as big a deal as it’s said to be. Immigrants from eastern europe who come to work in England will come for the lowest possible wage work there is, which is work most citizens in wealthy countries already aren’t interested in. This is a princip problem more than anything. Leaving EU could result in a massive decrease in labour and limit growth extremely. You also have just won renegotiations about this which will lower the rate of child benefit and that will quickly reduce the amount of immigrants coming.

On the other hand if you choose to leave EU you won’t have the same amount of job mobility as right now. This will limit companies who work out of the country and limit individuals who is seaking something that England can’t deliver. It will also limit the advertisement you recieve from sending workers out of UK.

Security will also be less if you choose to "brexit". You can wave goodbye to Europol and the security from the well established network of Europe. Not saying you’re on your own but solidarity from the rest will not be much.

At the end you’re throwing away more than most of Britain has any idea about. EU is not something you can come back to easily if shit goes wrong. Of course you’ll never be completely on your own but from many EU countries this is looked down upon. If you really believe that you can establish yourself as a "truly independent nation" as you say then good luck because there’s a long way to the top of the world from there. With unions like BRIC this is a time where EU should hold together so we all can have something to say instead of every man has none. Remember that things like immigrants and basic EU problems are blown up in the media so it’s never as bad as it seems.

This is my view as an outsider and I hope you will take it into consideration. At the moment I’m very happy that I will move to your country in a couple of months and I’m also very happy that some of you can move to mine. I hope we won’t ruin that.

My totally unwanted and not at all needed 2 shillings

Is there a reason why to vote for BREXIT? Europe doesn’t need new conflicts and wars. Let’s not turn the wheels of history backwards. Stay with us. Problems of Europe must be solved by Europeans, not by nation states. Nation states should die.

I’m voting remain. If nothing else the UK will still be dominated by the EU (our biggest export destination) but without a say on how it’s run. Th EU could probably do with some reforms: there are a few powerful but unelected bodies, and I’m not keen on Turkey joining (Erdogan is trying to remove the parlimentary privilege from opposition MPs, so they can no longer critisise him…). We leave and so does our finance sector, which is the biggest sector in the UK economy. EU citizens have been a net gain for the UK and I’d like the option to visit Europe without having to plan for visas and that.

Frankly, I’m just happy to have someone superior to Cameron, keeping him in check. I’ll be voting to stay in.

Unelected bodies are indeed a problem. Still, is there a solution for that? In neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, everyone votes for their national party and elections are exercise in bodycount of 3 constituting nationalities. EU should avoid that at all cost and focus on problems, not count blood cells and origin. Unfortunately, each country has it’s own set of right-hand nationalistic parties that promote xenophobia.

Many people complain on EU, nationalistic movements are getting strong because of migration crisis and terrorism. In Poland tendency shifted to the right - nationalistic-conservatist side and many are worried of current single-ruling-party wanting to make country authoritarian, also by fighting what EU says.

Truth is - if not EU Poland would be in deep shit economically. Yes its true sometimes what EU wants to enforce is ridiculous - and we should stand our ground or convince other members to dismiss some ideas, but overall everyone is gaining from the union.

Farmers, universities, companies, tourism, culture, transportation - millions are pumped into those.
Not to mention traveling across borders without need of a passport and unified currency in many countries (which is debatable but still a good idea in its core).

Today no country can stand on its own versus USA, Russia or China.
Im not talking United Nations, but if we support each other politically and economically as an union, we are also stronger as a military force in case of conflict.

It’s easy to say "we’ll manage" and turn away, much harder to admit "we were wrong" and try to work up.

Personally when I see the amount of billboards about something being co-founded by EU funds - I just realize that the whole thing WORKS.

It’s up to you.

I will say one thing about turkey and the EU. I do not want to be in a club that lets some jumped up, wannabe prince who uses taxpayer money to build opulent pleasure palaces on nature reserves and makes even more of a mockery of democracy than us into it. I know it’s a tactical move but seriously. Next you’ll invite Saudi Arabia.

I remain woefully uneducated on the subject and cannot be expected to make an educated vote. However everyone will vote regardless… such is the way of the world. And kind of why Donald Trump is a candidate for president of the united states. I’m a little worried we’re turning into america. Transport is private, decent schools are private and what next? decent healthcare?

The UK has problems with it’s administration. We have first past the post voting and a divided left which results in all the right and most of the uneducated voting conservative ensuring a conservative majority win every goddamn election and the left voting for a plethora of different parties, with labour soaking up the lion’s share, which makes people want to strategically vote for them even though they prefer for example Lib Dem or Green policies.
There’s very little transparecy in our governance. The information is there for anyone who wants to find it (Though it might be a challenge and there certainly won’t be any notifications) But people are just far too apathetic to care about it. They do things without our consent such as fracking when we don’t even want it since it’s already destroying lives in america. They send us pamplets explaining why their oppinion is correct, and people continue to vote completely uneducated on issues they know nothing about.

Sincerely, an angry, uneducated voter with no faith in these various particular perverted versions of democracy.

PS Incidentally I’m voting to stay in so that I can get through the immigration queue quicker at airports.

Now that Turkey has been brought up I’ll give my view on it after 3 years of social and politic studies. They’ll never get in. It’s been said by almost all the big leaders in EU both direct an indirect that Turkey is not welcome as a part of the european union. It might be smart for the companies who is trading in and out of Turkey but that’s about it. Some say that there’s a chance Turkey can act as a forerunner for the rest of the middle east to accept our western ideas but chances are Turkey will lose contact the the east and then that’s it. Even the Turkish population isn’t interested in joining.

Turkey is to big of a chance. They don’t fulfill many of the current EU regulations and they’re muslim. I know that sounds wrong (And I have nothing against muslims) but it’s a thing that can lead to problems. They’re big loosers on the european market. Unemployment is quite high. GDP pr. citizen is low and so on. The only reason Turkey is talked about is because the German industry is interested in their market and that USA sees them as a strong army who would be nice to fight with. There’s no other ideas in getting them into the european union and the downsides outweight the upsides heavily. Also the population in Europe is primarily against newcomers which means that the politicians will be it too.

I will vote IN I want to see a EUROPEAN SUPER STATE one day with us Brits leading the way.

You may joke Dachi but I think we should officially adopt English as EU primary language. It would make so many things easier and people might actually understand what the damn sign "zabranjeno parkiranje" means.

Just don’t forget about one thing: people in your country may receive moeny from EU individually, but as a country you pay more in taxes back to EU. At least it is how it works in Poland. Plus all the restrictions they put on farmers.

HIghway i believe in the UK staying in the EU, i think that union makes any country or society strong BUT you can’t pretend to stablish an aofficial language in a country, i will not accept under any circumstances english becoming the first language in Spain, i believe in union but i also believe in patriotism and under any circumstances and any other patriot will allow our alnguage,one of the bases of our culture, to be erased to establish a foreign language. You can apply this to any other country. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, how would you feel if your kids spoke spanish instead of english?..

Of course you pay more to EU than what you get in return money. Because you pay for the unions strenght in the global world and by that your countries say in the global world. Then you get your money back in form of agreements with the outside world, free job mobility and the EU market. To be honest I think that exactly your country John is one of the countries that gets the most out of you taxes to the EU in form of job mobility.

The restrictions put on farmers are outweighed by the funding EU gives to farmers. Every time a farmer makes a product under EU regulations the union gives payes them a small amount. Every time a farmer sells their product to the outside world the EU gives them money so they can compete on an international level. It all goes to make sure our farms can still produce food for your children in 20 years time and won’t burn out by extreme amounts of pesticides.

Naah, brits, being the minority, should adopt ours. :smiley:

I bet the sign means the same as "zákaz parkování". See? We don’t need no stinky english! Damn, what am I writing this in? :slight_smile:

@Frank - I didn’t mean the first language, just the common language.

Naah, brits, being the minority, should adopt ours. :smiley:

I bet the sign means the same as "zákaz parkování". See? We don’t need no stinky english! Damn, what am I writing this in? :)[/quote]

Well, if all the Slavic tribes get together… I think we could find one official language. :smiley:

So the god and creator Nerd3 made a video on the topic. Here it is if anyone is interested: [youtube]1dyCPfFk-Lk[/youtube]