Blackwake, the Pulsar of the high seas, arrr!


Looks pretty cool!

Yes, it does.

All aboard the cnto flagship. CNTO Majestic Sea Pickle. (Other suggestions include Screaming Narwhal, Salty Clam, Sultry Barmaid, Angry Manatee, Sea Donkey…

Salty Wet Kaleo

(after his talk about his water-y nature today)

Hahahaha, just don’t let Robi on; he’s liable not to know the difference between the sea and the deck!

I’m not sure if this or Pulsar appeals to me more.

This is a pretty fun little thing, and I imagine we could some nice PvP with it as well. One ship vs one ship, hectic as all hell. Or just play against randoms and decimate them.

We’ll swab their poop decks with our main masts

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