Best Franky1080 DayZ video so far IMO

Yeah that’s like totally scripted but I did really enjoyed it :smiley:
I liked playing DayZ mod back in the days, Breaking point and Epoch for A3 were kinda tasteless and never reached our expectation.
I really had good times playing A3Exile with my friends but this is a sweet surprise.
It’s running some mods we know as well, like Ace3 and surely RHS.
It’s not out yet, I think that’s a closed testing from CCG before release, and that kinda an Hype trailer for it.
I really think that what CCG guys achieved to do with that custom DayZ/Exile is the best ‘‘DayZ’ish’’ experience you’ll ever get, at least from what I can see there.
(Let’s not talk about the Standalone)


PS: I’ll try a way more complete post with all info I can get tommorow, because I think that’s what most DayZ nostalgic have been waiting for.

Esseker is a great map too.

Hahaha, yeah, that ending was super scripted.

God, that makes me want to DayZ(mod) again.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the guy making the Esseker thing is Croatian.

Esseg or Eszek are German and Hungarian words for the city of Osijek in Croatia and Esseker roughly means ‘from Osijek’. Of course, it doesn’t have to mean anything but still…

EDIT: This looks awesomely fun. I wanna play it!


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