Battlerite free to play

so battlerite just rolled out their free to play model, the game is really fun and fast paced. let me know if any of you interested in trying it :slight_smile:

Itโ€™s fun <3 Donโ€™t be shy guys/ladys!

Who else checked out Battlerite? It recently came out and I absolutely love this game. If you guys even remotely like MOBAS you should check it out, its F2P on steam and HIGHLY skilled game.

Would love if we could maybe play some games with someone here

Salal and Hadassa seem to want to play it :slight_smile:

i used to play it a lot more last year and when they rolled out their F2P i came back and really enjoying it. dont know how good the F2P model but would recommend at least giving it a try.
PS : more fun with people you know to flame them!

[quote user_id=โ€œ15352611โ€ avatar=โ€œโ€ name=โ€œSallalโ€]
PS : more fun with people you know to flame them![/quote]
We need to focus the little guy you idiots not the big guy with a shield ffs!!!

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