Battlegrounds by PlayerUnknown

You remember the guy who made "BattleRoyale" custom map/mod for Arma3?

Well, he just made a game:


Source: PCGamer

this looks quite good … but we all know that a Trailer sometimes shows pretty much nothing about the reality of a game and you never know what follows :slight_smile:

let’s keep a eye on it :slight_smile: still looks like a lot of fun

Too many guns, not enough bows and arrows

This game looks amazing! Definitely getting!


I think im gonna give it a miss… I got burned on escape from tarkov…

Yea, I’ll wait until release!

looks pretty well made, wonder what engine they used, no time to look up the tech details tough. But yeah, pre-release buy … won’t happen.

Unreal engine 4

I failed… downloading

But it has been released…early access, is that pre-release ? Or how would one say, after the release is before the release :slight_smile: … Hey, I was thinking about it, but if it is only a BR game, I don’t see why I would stop playing the A3 mod instead of this one. And I never enjoyed H1Z1…which I bought pre-release …

Played for about 4h tonight… Oh man, this game is fun! It is 10x more fun than h1z1 or even the a3 br… can highly recommend!

The combat feels super tight and responsive! Also quite tactical (zeroing, etc) but is still quite fast paced!

Ok, no cheap excuse… I pushed the button.
First, yes the gameplay is awesome and the gunplay is probably between BF and ARMA. You need to like the KOTH or BR kind of gamemode, of course. Even an average PvP player like me can make it to top 3. It is totally possible to be that last guy standing… Skill helps finishing, but stealth, head on swivel and good headphones keep you alive for long. In duo or squad match, PvP team tactics are going to pay off.
Is it worth the buck ? Hmm, depends… if you are unsure you could like it, try the A3 mod: PLAYERUNKNOW’s BATTLE ROYALE . PUBG is faster paced as A3, but that’s ok, as A3 sometimes really lacks fluidity.
I personally think it is a hefty price for a game with one gamemode, no story build up and only one map. Think of it as a funding, I would guess the released version will include more maps at last. But it is difficult to imagine what more there will be at release, so I guess it is to be calculated in dollar vs. hours of fun and adrenaline pumping. The longer you stay hooked the more justified the buy is.
The GFX aren’t bad, but are not optimized, yet. AA is only FXAA, which makes it blurry, which makes it bad for PvP. But this is an Unreal 4 engine problem. Texture details depend on your hardware and overall it does look, let’s say, ok, with a promise for better. And network lag is going to impact you as well, because it is the kind of setup where all your action go through the server first. Your ping decided to suck for this match ? You are going to rubberband in front of a door and your ‘open door’ action will never register. But if it lags, the 99 other guys (yes those are 100 player matches, every time) are most probably going to lag too. I would bet on de-sync issues, which usually vanish after the first 25 opponent are gone. Or after you were one among those 25 ;).
It is not that bad. It really all comes down to enjoy the gameplay or not. If you hesitate, it is not a must, if you didn’t feel like missing the BR mode in H1Z1 or in A3 (freebie) , you probably won’t miss this one.

TL;DR : If you like BR, don’t mind throwing the buck at PLAYERUNKNOW, it still is the old addictive gamemode, like the original mod, just a tad more fluid than in A3, with a bigger audience potential as a stand alone game. And I guess it is going to get better in terms of GFX, network and bug fixing. If you hate all this lonely loners survival gamemodes (although there is a solo, duo and squad category) or you just like to throw 30 bucks for a few evenings of pew-pew on an early access hype, when you can get it as free A3 mod, you won’t miss it.

For those who hate to read up optimization threads:
The launch parameters :


(there is another one ‘-sm4’ , but I am not convinced going for DX10 and even lower GFX is going to be the lifesaver here).

If you experience very bad FPS <40 : Put all to VERY LOW and only set the texture details to anything suiting your VRAM (HIGH on 1920*1080 = ± 3GB). It looks a bit edgy, but decent, just focus on the gameplay.

If you have some margin, keep AA to VERY LOW and use screenscaling to 120. AA is FXAA and is quite blurry for my taste and PvP.

If you feel courageous goto C:\Users\&lt;username&gt;\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini and play with the following (for better view or better fps, your choice) :

sg.ResolutionQuality=70.000000 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=0

ResolutionQuality at 100 is 1:1. But if you lower this setting it doesn’t look that much worse and you win a lot fps. I would say going from 100 to 70 lowered my GPU usage by 15%.

goes from 0 - 4 , and 0 is the lowest setting. Experimenting here is key, but as you are on foot, the lowest setting didn’t shock me. Of course 4 is going to make it crisper over the whole line of sight. (didn’t get my hand on a true sniper rifle, so may be there it might be important ).

Personal tip: If you have a beefy GPU , you could also change


to 150 or 200. In game setting only allows 120. This replaces AA, but you need a lot of GPU as the resolution is multiplied.

If you decide to alter this file: make sure you have bound all your keys and set in-game graphical settings: Because you are going to have to set the file read-only (editing it outside the game) .
If you want to read up:

My Specs: CPU: 2600K @ 4.6Ghz. 16GB RAM GPU: Nvidia GTX 780 3GB VRAM. Installed on an SSD.

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