Hey, fellas, to celebrate the new Star Wars film…would any of you be up to playing some Battlefront II?

its on sale at G2A fro 33%

Have you tried it Obi? Is it just as caos as the battlefield games?

Oh, I was talking about the older one.
I did the beta on the new one and didn’t like it.

Same here, even as a big StarWars fan, the new one dosen’t appel to me.
If we could get enought people, I’d really enjoy playing this gem again.

The old battlefront is no longer supported, it doesnt have multiplayer servers, as they shut them down to force people into new EA game.

You can still LAN it.

do I hear a call for BF2? hell yes

Heeh, I used to play Battlefront (1), the one that said "On the front" in its marketing materials. I remember dissecting it’s flash-only website for some actionscript snippets, … heh, that was a different web. :slight_smile:

Too bad I won’t be around, maybe next holidays. See you in 2016!

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