Battle Royale.

Most of you guys should know what Battle Royale is so i’ll just skip it and put their website here if you need info and download link.

I just really enjoy this game mod, as it is more intense than wasteland, while keeping the fun of it, and adding more value to your own life (No respawn)
I would really enjoy to try playing against (With ? :D) some Carpe Noctem members by filling up a public server.
So far (EUTW/KOTH/EPOCH…) playing with you guys on arma outside of operation always have been fun, and I would like to see it happen more often.

Questions :
1/ Could we (If we got enough people 20+/-) host this game mod on the server from time to time ?
2/ Could we (If #1 is ok) open it up to public (as planned public events/recruitment tool ?) ?

I don’t think Battle Royale is a good way to recruit people as it is completely different from what we do in our operations and it (to some extend) rewards people for lone wolfing, and we don’t want that.

However it would be cool to host events like this, maybe even have tournaments or something like that! And if we don’t get the numbers, I’ll still be happy to play with ya :smiley:

I agree with chris in that no official events should be in this mode, but i don’t see why there couldn’t be the odd mini event or tournament on the server. You’d have to speak to clarke about getting it working on the server cause it might cause some mod interaction issues.

By this point we’re looking at about 20 different game mode/game initiatives… Everything from D&D to 10 different ArmA game modes, and right back to Diplomacy.

How do you guys keep track?

Well, we are a family, so we do all the crap we can find on the shelve. In a couple of months we’ll be playing online card games and we’ll get so close that if two members were to have sex, it’d be incest.

That’s fine. Always new recruits ‘a joinin’ us.

By following rule 17 : Rule No. 17


By following rule 17 : Rule No. 17

I was going to say "The Forums"

See, now, I do the same thing, but my memory is about as reliable in remembering things as Goat is in stunning everyone with how horrifying he can be.

Oh my god Chris that’s… I don’t even know

Dammit Anders, everyone was ignoring him but you had to go and give him attention…