Article about ShackTac by a covert journalist!

Hello guys…

I just run in to this article and i enjoyed reading it :slight_smile: so i like to share it with you …


[justify]Thanks Dulabu for sharing this article with us, would have missed it otherwhise. It really illustrates the points why Ryujin and I are trying to keep as close to the Shacktac model as possible. It’s not just because of their refined and practicality-oriented tactics, but also because of their well established community culture. Shacktac managed over the last 8-9 years to create a community with clear structures that are the framework for a well-oiled organisation - with that it provided the foundation for a space where people can socially interact in an environment based on respect and maturity as well as fun.

If we would like to last as a group against the tests of time we couldn’t ask for a better role-model community. It’s up to every member to contribute their share (even be that "only" in being a nice, constructive member adhering to the rules) to make Carpe Noctem a well established name on this side of the pond.

I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.[/justify]

I can only speak for me but i really think that Carpe Noctem is on the right way to be ONE-SUPER-ARMA3-Community! (it is already)

I really enjoy what some of you guys did for this community, all the hard work you put in it etc.
This is what makes a community Great:
"Some guys standing behind with pleasure, enthusiasm and willing to get stuff done :slight_smile: and this is what we already have!"

I see this community growing every week and how the new recruit’s outperforming myself… this can only be good!

I’m glad to be part of this…