Arma3 WW II. IFA


Im trying to make a multiplayer mission for CNTO. During making this mission I have encountered few problems - the biggest one is Im unable to make working hosting on my PC.
So If anybody would like to play Zeused WW II. mission(s) I need littlebit help:
A) need somebody to host a server where we could connect (as it is different mod set - about 5gb and 8-12 mods)
B) test the mission if it does work properly (if I did not made some crusial mistakes when creating the mission)
=> would be happy if any mission maker could check it and host it in next couple of days (I can do the zeusing or co-zeusing)

This type of mission will be more difficult in some ways but easier in others, as it is unofficial.

Map: Sark
Weather: Unknown
Host: Needed

Alied forces need to také occupied Channel Islands to prevent German Luftwaffe, from attacking convoys with strategic goods. If we would hold airport, took capital city and send Wehrmacht to sea, we would very help British in Nord Sea to stop attacks on trade ships and help them in production of domestic made weapons as iron ore is so insufficient in this moment.


I Situation:

German military is rotating it s forces for holiday. It s greate oportunity to attack this Island. Attack on Island should be stages in 3 operations:
A) main goal is to také Airport
B) main goal will be destory german pantzer group and attack capital city
C) main goal will be destroying or capturing last enemy forces on island

Friendly Forces:

  • CNTO marine infantery operations
  • possible local resistence (at least they prepared ammo cache for speeding our advance)
    (- US 101 airborne infantery forces - ready to help if enemy try flank us from side when advancing on airport)
    (- US armoured forces - will hold us safe from enemy tanks on flank)


  • 2x LCPV landing craft

Enemy Forces:

  • Local resistence report: bunkers, minefields, tanks, planes, patrolling fire teams, main forces are in city
  • Air reconnaissance - we will receive photos by our spy plane
  • Recon op - we can make a recon op or infiltrate like civilians (if uncovered enemy will aply for reinforcements)


  • yes, on island live civilians - some are on resistence side, some are collaborating others just want survive.

II. Mission:

  • Seize Airport

III. Execution

  • seize castle (beware on enemy reinforcements)
  • seize enemy HQ
  • attack check-point
  • find pilots or airplane (which got shot down couple days ago on recon mission)
  • resupply at ammo cache (beware as it can be trap)
  • attack and seize airport (beware on fire teams or squads which would like to flank you or did run away from combat to regroup)

Movement Plan:

  • move from tiny island to main insertion point (other beaches are mined and not accesible)
  • before insertion will Central Army provide artillery fire from battlecruiser
  • move carefully as some enemy squads are reported as east front veterans on rotation
  • think one step ahead and made precautions after achieving objectives

Fire Support:

  • will be provided by Central Army HQ automatically before insertion (purpose: eliminating or softening enemy positions on insertion beach, possible smoke cover)

IV Administration / Logistics:

  • Resupplying - we need to get to ammo cashe (everybody has some extra ammo from beginning)


  • Depends on how many ppl will join operation (under 12-15 it will be time punishment and no viscom and later score table with own deaths) (+ in WW II. just squad lead had radio, so you have to stick together and wait for healing)

(open to disscussion but I want make it playable as it will be fun+training+enemy will communicate for support if not if not ambushed and destroyd in couple of minutes)

Enemy Forces:

  • WW II. Wehrmacht uniforms

Friendly Forces:

  • WW II. US uniforms

PS: will be updated (needed mods+recon/recon op…)

Mod collection: (do not know about Ares, ASR, accuracy fix still)

Need volunteer to host the game on some his/her free day

If anybody could host the game on his home PC pls send me a message (unblocked ports for arma needed). It would be just about to download the mission, get it into multiplayer arma folder and open-create the game in arma multiplayer. Host and guests would have to have the mods which are above in the mod collection (about 4-5gb) It would be perfect to play it in 8 ppl or more. (would be greate if has some experiences with hosting arma yet, as I do not)

Everything will stay like standard CNTO mission except it s World War II. and quicker respawns. So if anybody would be willing to host it on his pc in some free day, as it is different modset than on server, would be greate. The Zeusing and mission making is on me. (just can not host on pc it in some close time, dont know when will make it solved. Im missing some firmware on router which I did not bought from my ISP it looks like or dont know :()

Another question is, is here at least 8 ppl who would like to play it ??

Some IFA (Iron Front Arma) mission:

Aerial reconnasaince show some of enemy forces on island:

Sorry mother super busy and tried hosting a game before but my ports are blocked and so I never figured out how to host my own server on my PC.

Hope you find someone to help you as I would love to play it.

I’ve not really had a lot of free time lately, but if no one else comes forward I might be able to host it and just leave it running while I’m out, when were you planning on doing it?

It would be greate, I have been thinking ideally about (Monday 20:00) or Thursday 20:00 in next 2-6 weeks. The op will have about 2:30-3:00 hours and two fire teams are needed (6-8 ppl at least) So you can choose date, when you know you can host it or even play it.
(yeah, and there will be the Pacific Wind MiniOp(s) Monday(s), so I do not want it somehow interfere with it or with any other CNTO ops.)

So, generally Im not in hurry with the op at all, as it does not matter If it s played this month or two months later or even in December at this point, just if ppl would like to join it and play it as some unofficial miniOp. (as the mini-campaign will have 3 parts).

Lets say I took the iniciative to make a mission but I dont have idea if I have some support from CNTO for this kind of fictional II. ww. Op to make it on the Upcoming Events calendar. (?)