ArmA Jets!


"Features functional autonomous defensive weapon systems." I hope you pilots didn’t bomb any friendlies because that’s going to make landing a challenge…

Forget jets, there’s something much cooler.

If this does what I think it does, then it’s one of the BIGGEST and baddest changes since Arma 3 release.

To give you an idea - the biggest problem with AI is that it cannot/couldnot "forget" targets and went to Safe state (green face) only once it killed everybody. If it spotted a player, the AI group would remain Aware/Combat forever until that player unit was killed, even if it was at the other end of the map, as the unit would remain in the AI group’s target list, even if the ‘knowledge’ value was <0.001. Because of this, GMs had to often re-place alerted groups because there was no way to un-alert them and make them patrol normally.

If we can make a group "forget" a specific target or all targets, we can not only make it return to Safe, but we could probably create a realistic "fleeing" AI behaviour by not giving the AI anything to shoot at.
Even better, we could simulate a "huh, I guess that was nothing" by AI on stealth missions if an AI unit sees a part of a foot in a forest 100m away in complete darkness. Right now, it remains alerted (and with ASR AI alerts everybody in a large area).

oh lawd

Does this mean I can finally pilot a big boat?

[user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] - don’t get carried away, we still don’t know the details of that. :slight_smile:

New base, assuming people without the dlc don’t get a popup just for standing on the deck. (or alternatively phase through it)


Damn cool way to insert into AO

The vid said this was part of the free update.