Arma III. Land, Air and... Sea?

That’s something few might think as gimmick or useless but it’s one thing I really like about arma3.
Can’t think of any other games that alow you to fight underwater with such level of immersion.
I find the underwater "fell" really well done, sound design wise especially and I have to admit that my favourite vanilla vehicle is the little submarine thingy.
Personally think they haven’t pushed it enough, considering both vanilla map were Islands, and that the next one won’t change that fact, aren’t you surprised to see such a lack of marine forces content?
Aircraft carrier, hovercraft deployment thingy for amphibious assault…
Can you imagine how fun it would be to pilot a big ass ship with arma like level of controls?
Why did they even bother make amphibious vehicules?
Did you even knew that both the independent strider and apc were amphibious?

What’s your take on this lads?
Are you expecting more marine content with the upcoming expansion?

I am consistently disappointed in the lack of naval stuff from BI. I love infantry conflicts, but I LOVE navy stuff too.

CUP has an LHD and a landing assault hovercraft (I think) included in it that fits the LHD…so I’m excited about that for sure.

No. But I would be "Totally up for it". :wink:

Your idea is good but you have to accept this game is based around ground infantry combat. That was a focus of the BI development while other things like air/naval/tank assets were secondary. For example, air combat is far from realistic, while DCS World focuses only on that and makes a great game around that.

I’m afraid we would waste a lot of time but gain very little unsatisfying immersion in the end. Battlefield 3/4 tried to be "Jack of all trades" but developed into a kids toy.

I guess the most you get in naval content Is amphibious stuff such as Marines and what not. I’m sure since Tanoa is an island they will add a marine faction.

Paddle a two man canoe down a little river. Satchel charge on the bridge and off into the darkness…

I’d love to see more naval stuff, but to be honest it feels beyond the scope of the game. If nothing else naval engagement ranges are enormous. Gun battles take place over 10 to 20 miles (at least historically) plus with aircraft carriers existing it’s just not feasable to have a map large enough and to keep infantry conflict interesting too…

The only way a game can have both interesting naval and infantry combat if it’s a game set in 1700 where ships board each other after emptying the cannons into each other xD.

We already have a game for that,


We already have a game for that,

Oh man I’d love to play that some day, it looks like great fun :smiley:

Christ…the laughter :smiley: